9 Furniture Pieces to Transform Your Work from Home Space

Whether your position has become remote for an unspecified period of time, you’re performing your job on a hybrid basis, or you’re permanently working from home, how you set up your office space in your house is an important matter. Ideally, your home workspace should feel separate from the other parts of the house. It should be outfitted with work-from-home furniture and work-from-home accessories that allow you to concentrate on work, hopefully relatively free from distraction. Of course, not every home or apartment is set up where you can have a designated room as your home office, but finding comfortable furniture and claiming a spot as your permanent workspace is vital to your productivity and efficiency. Read on to learn about nine furniture pieces that can help transform your work-from-home space to help you get the job done.

The Perfect Desk

Searching for the perfect desk depends in part on the space that you’re working with. If you have a room in your home completely dedicated as a home office, you can, of course, opt for a larger, roomier desk. If your job requires you to spend a lot of time at your computer, such as editing or marketing, you may want to opt for a corner desk that allows plenty of room for your computer, printer, filing cabinet, and other accessories. If you’re short on space, a height-adjustable writing desk is another good choice. Home office furniture rental is a helpful choice, as it allows you to experiment with pieces in your home to get a feel for what works in your home office, especially if your position has gone remote because of the pandemic and this is uncharted territory.

Secretary and Hutch Pieces

If you have ample room, consider adding a secretary desk or hutch to your home office ensemble. If you have a home office where you are occasionally seeing or entertaining clients or vendors, it aids a professional air to the room. And a secretary desk or standing hutch has plenty of functionality also. Depending on its construction, these furniture pieces give you open or closed storage for important papers or items. They can also be decorative and can offer a means to display items of your choosing, such as awards. Use them to display awards, art, or decorative items. Even if you’re the only one in your home office, adding personal touches to your space can help you relax as you’re working.

Integrated Filing Cabinets and Storage Solutions

Although your business may not require you to file a lot of loose papers, chances are, you’re still going to have a few things to organize in your home office. Whether it’s school paperwork for your children or freelance W-9s that you’ve filled out, having organizational solutions in your home space is a must. Clutter is a huge detriment to your productivity and efficiency — and it can affect your mood as well. You have some choices when it comes to transforming your work-from-home space with storage. You can opt for integrated filing cabinets, which means you’re matching filing cabinets with your desk. These are going to fit under or as part of your desk. You can also opt for open-space concepts, such as open shelving.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Perhaps the most important choice you’ll make when it comes to your office suite and setup is the chair you select. This is because you are going to spend many hours in it, and you want to choose something that’s ergonomic and comfortable. Everyone’s comfort level is different, and if you’re new to working from home, you may not know what you like yet when it comes to a comfortable office chair. Office furniture rental can help you figure out where your comfort level is. You may need a chair that has lumbar support, or you may require armrests. Perhaps a swivel chair is a must for you, or you want a mobile chair on wheels and without arms. Once you know the height and configuration of your desk and your workstation plan is completely set, think about a chair that will work best for you for long hours in front of the computer. In most cases, you’ll need to be slightly mobile, so a chair with wheels will be more convenient. 

Shelving Systems

You may want to opt for shelving systems instead of integrated filing cabinets — or you may even decide you need both. Open shelving systems or wall units can help your home office look more spacious and inviting, keeping the open-space concept in mind. You can use them as storage solutions for your needed office supplies, or you can add cheerful decor, art pieces, plants, and aesthetics to brighten the mood of the room. As you outfit your home office space, just keep in mind it’s likely you’ll be spending a good deal of time in it, so choose decor and accouterments that you find joyful.

Side Tables

Depending on your office setup, you may like to have a side table separate from your desk area in your work-from-home space. If you still use a landline for work calls, use a side or end table along with a lounge or recliner chair to take client and vendor calls so you can relax a bit during longer sessions. Alternatively, you can also take a break from the main workstation and video conference from your alternative seating. Treat your home office as you would your main office, and make use of the entire space. Adding extra furniture and seating also makes it possible to meet with clients and vendors, should that be part of the nature of your business. If you don’t wish to use a side table for a telephone, it can be used for extra lighting for the home office. 

Home Office Lighting

Desk lamps and home office lighting are almost as important as your choice of a home office chair. Keep in mind the amount of time you may be spending at your desk, and think accordingly as you shop for lighting. Typical office lighting can be harsh and unforgiving, so choose something that’s easy on the eyes, yet bright enough so you can work. You may want to choose several lamps or pair lighting. For example, a table or desk lamp works well on the desk itself, while another table lamp is perfect for your telephone table. A floor lamp completes the look and provides you the ideal amount of light without being too brash. Lamp and furniture rental can help match the right lamp with furniture for a complete look. You may want to steer clear of overhead lighting, as it can be tough on the eyes.

Office Seating

In addition to your desk chair, you may want to add a comfortable chair for taking business calls, or additional seating, such as a loveseat or sofa, if clients and vendors visit. This provides a professional office space within your home, giving you a place to come to work daily, as if you were commuting to the office. If you have space limitations, it’s perfectly okay to place a comfortable dining chair next to a side table for you or a guest. You can browse home or office furniture rental to see what might be a perfect fit for your home office. The beauty of rental is the ability to try different pieces until you find the piece that completes your office look.

Office Decor and Accessories

At the end of the day, you want a comfortable workspace that you enjoy going to every day. Filling your space with office decor that’s meaningful to you is important, and it can help improve your mood, which can in turn boost your productivity. One thing to keep in mind is that there are no rules or regulations governing your home office like there is at your place of employment, so you can put up as many pictures and wall hangings as you want. You may also find other inspiration along the way and can decorate your home space with plants, records and turntables, posters, and other motifs and designs that transform your area into a comfortable workspace for you. 

If you regularly participate in Zoom or other remote meetings, however, do keep this in mind as you’re decorating your space since you’ll want a professional background and proper lighting. As far as accessories go, you may want to opt for pillows for your chairs or sofa, wall mirrors, area rugs if you have hardwood flooring, and organizers for your desktop. Many of these items are available for rent as well, giving you the ability to affordably outfit your entire home workspace with rental furniture and accessories. 

When you’re looking to transform your work-from-home space into a place where you enjoy working, CORT Furniture Rental can help. We can provide you with home office furniture for a professional home office, including home office lighting and accessories for a complete workspace.


Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels