7 Signs It’s Too Soon to Move in Together

Knowing when you’re ready to move in with your partner can be difficult. How long after dating should you move in together? Unfortunately, there’s no clear-cut answer as every couple is different, but there are certainly red flags that say it may be too soon. These seven signs indicate that right now may be too soon to move in together.


Signs It’s Too Soon to Move in Together


1. You haven’t been together very long.


How soon is too soon to move in? There’s no definitive rule for when you’ve spent enough time together to move into the same space. However, for a relationship to be successful, it helps to be beyond the “honeymoon” phase. This refers to the first few months of a new relationship where you’re still starry-eyed, and every text turns your brain into sugary goo. Moving in together during this time, before you’ve spent much time with the other person, can bring a relationship to a screeching halt. You know many of the person’s quirks and habits in a long-term relationship. Within the honeymoon period, the puppy dog eyes haven’t worn off, and you may be looking past red flags.


2. You haven’t discussed finances.


How long after dating should you move in together? It can be dependent on the couple. You must be comfortable having difficult or awkward conversations. One of those tricky topics can be finances. Consider the financial implications if you’re ready to live with a romantic partner. Have you talked about how you’ll divide bills? Will you open a joint bank account? What about individual debts? Can you each afford to contribute to rent and shared expenses? If you’re uncomfortable with talking about money, it may be too soon to make the next step in your relationship. Build up some basics, like honest communication, before you take your relationship further.


3. You aren’t on the same page about the future.


They just need a place to crash, and you hear wedding bells. You’re looking to save some cash, but they want to take the next step in your relationship. When you decide to move in together, you must be on the same page about the future and have similar views on where you want the relationship to go. How soon is too soon to move in together? It may be too soon if you haven’t ever talked about where you see the relationship going or what your next steps are. Much like finances, it’s essential to have hard conversations.


4. They’re pressuring you – or you’re pressuring them.


Friends and family may be making you feel pressured to move in together. Your parents (or theirs) want you to commit to the next step. Or you have had a conversation about the future and aren’t on the same page – so your partner is trying to push you to change your mind. It’s important to share a home with someone you feel comfortable being honest with, not just because someone else thinks you should. Consider your intentions and check that your partner is in a similar or compatible place.


5. You don’t trust them.


If you’re moving in with your partner just because you want to keep an eye on them, that’s a huge red flag. It may seem like a good idea if you’re suspicious of their actions. However, it may be time to move on. Living together likely won’t ease your mind, and being around someone you don’t trust constantly may be unhealthy. It can be better to work on the relationship before taking this huge step, but a lack of trust can destroy it.


6. You haven’t met in real life.


Long-distance relationships have been around for as long as the internet has existed. Some couples date for years without ever meeting in real life. It can be easy to feel like you truly know each other when you chat daily. Moving in together – especially if you haven’t met in real life – is a crash course in all of your partner’s quirks which can be challenging. If you think it’s time to start living together, consider living near each other and getting to know them offline.


7. You have a bad gut feeling.


If you’re reading this list, it may be time to stop and check in with yourself. Are you having doubts about how to know if you’re ready to move in together? Deep down, maybe you know the answer – you don’t want to move in together yet, and you don’t know how to deal with that. 


How Long Should You Wait to Move in Together?


When do couples move in together? There isn’t a set answer, and it depends on the person. Moving in together is usually the next step after a couple has built a foundation of trust, understanding, and strong communication. Both partners are not only okay with the decision but enthusiastic! After all, you don’t want to spend every day with someone who is living with you begrudgingly. If you’re ready, then it’s time to open that conversation with your significant other and see what they’re thinking. 


Ready to make a move?


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