Prepping your House for the Perfect Viewing Party

There’s a slew of television premiers about to return to the small screen, football season is upon us, and awards season is right around the corner. Since fall is arguably the most exciting time of the year for television, throw the perfect viewing party to kick off the television premiere season! Once you have a theme down, the invite list takes care of itself. What remains is for you to prepare your home to accommodate all your guests, then begin planning the menu and activities. For inspiration, follow these tips for prepping your home for the perfect viewing party.

Prep for a Viewing Party


Open Up Your Living Room  

The first thing to do is open up your living room space so guests have ample room to cheer on their favorite team or view the television screen comfortably without too many obstructions. Push larger furniture items back toward the walls and set coffee tables, accent pieces and ottomans to the side. If you have sentimental or fragile décor items on display, now is probably a good time to pack them away temporarily.

Provide Comfortable Seating

The more comfortable your guests are, the more likely it is that they’ll have a memorable time at your party. Game days tend to be long, so avoid forcing your company to sit in uncomfortable kitchen or dining room chairs. If you’re hosting a larger group, consider renting additional seating. This plush Meyer Sectional Sofa provides ample room for friends to huddle. A large sofa or love seat are also great options for accommodating several people at once. For example, this Fleming Right Facing Chaise can be paired with the armless Fleming Sofa for stylish customizable sectional seating. For guests not opposed to chilling out on the floor, oversized floor pillows and comfortable throw blankets work great for floor seating.

Stock Up on Snacks

Food plays a starring role at any gathering, but especially a viewing party. Keep it simple with easy-to-eat appetizers and finger foods that everyone loves. The main thing here is to keep the eats on hand for guests to grab easily without having to turn away from the television screen.

You’ll want to have plenty of convenient side tables dotted around your living room for housing drinks and food. For style and function rolled into one, consider renting a set of convenient nesting tables, ideal for providing instant surfaces for extra beverages and plates. Trays are a great way to carry food back and forth between the kitchen and the viewing area, and will make cleanup a lot easier too.

Finally, if you don’t have side tables to store your party munchies on, renting a functional dining buffet to set up as a fun snack and drinks station is another great option.

Don’t Limit the Party to One Room

Remember that not all your guests will necessarily want to watch whatever you are showing. While some will be glued to the flat screen watching every play, others will show up solely for the food and to socialize! Move the party beyond your living room by setting up different areas in other rooms.

For example, a wine and cheese table may attract a certain group of your friends. Or a dessert bar in another room is sure to draw a crowd. For extra fancy viewing parties consider setting up a champagne bar complete with a variety of fresh juices and fruit. Don’t forget to accommodate your friends with children. Set up a dedicated children’s area complete with snacks, juice boxes and toys. Pay a visit to your local craft or general dollar store where you can easily stock up on coloring books, markers and easy-to-do kids’ activities.

A legendary viewing party is all about preparation and execution. Arranging your living room for the optimal guest experience. Providing the best party food – whether it’s homemade or delivered. Making sure your drinks stay tasty and available. Keeping everyone comfortable. Even keeping commercial breaks entertaining. These can all help your bash be one of the most memorable gatherings yet.