Home Gym Hacks for Your Small Space

“I can’t afford a gym membership!” is one of the top excuses for not working out, but you shouldn’t let a gym membership (or lack thereof) prevent you from working up a sweat! Learn how to create your own at-home gym with small space hacks that come in handy whether you’ve been in your home for years or just downsized to a smaller place. Get organized today with these tips to setting up a gym in your small room. You’ll be surprised how little space and equipment you need to work up a sweat!

Use a storage ottoman to conceal your workout equipment.

You really don’t need any special workout storage cabinets or racks to store a few key pieces of equipment. When space is scarce, furniture with built-in storage can be the perfect, discrete place to hide small dumbbells, jump ropes, kettlebells, a yoga mat, or whatever other supplies you use. A storage ottoman is an ideal solution – fill it with your home gym essentials and slide it out of the way to free up room for your workout!

Hang resistance bands on an over-the-door hanger.

With a keen eye, you can spot plenty of unused spaces to stow workout supplies… like the inside of a closet door! In a small home gym, resistance bands can be your best friend: they’re small, yet they can provide a killer, full-body workout. Pop an over-the-door hanger on your bedroom door, and you’ve got an easy, out of the way place to store your bands.

When it comes to storage, think vertical.

In a compact home gym, you won’t have room for long weight racks or massive machines, but that’s ok! Utilizing your vertical space will be key, and a tall, narrow bookshelf can be all the DIY home gym storage you need without taking up much floor space. Turn your bookshelf into your workout headquarters, stocking it with a mat, gym shoes, water bottles, weights, towels, headphones, a workout calendar, and whatever else you need to get your sweat on.

Choose a lightweight, portable coffee table that moves easily.

The best home gym setup is simply a room with space! Of course, it can be pretty tricky to find or make free space in a cozy apartment. When you’re selecting a coffee table to put in front of the sofa, the lighter it weighs, the better. That way, you can quickly move your table out of the way to make room for a home workout. (Unless moving a bulky table is your warm-up!)

This concept applies when you’re looking for other furniture, too. Lighter furniture is easier to move and offers you more flexibility in a small space.

Disguise a “workout wall” with a curtain.

Workout gear isn’t necessarily the chicest home décor, and if you’re using built-in wall shelving to store yours, you may be wondering how to hide it from view. If you’ve got a wall covered with your exercise equipment — like wall shelves full of weights or resistance bands hanging from the ceiling — install a curtain rod in front of it all to conceal it when not in use.

Store a collapsible bench under your bed.

Just because you’re in a tight space doesn’t mean you’re limited to working out on a yoga mat. A workout bench opens up the possibilities for all types of weight and plyometric exercises, but they’re not necessarily the bulky, space-hogging commitments you’re picturing. A collapsible bench is completely apartment-friendly — just fold it up and slide it under your bed after each workout!

Furnish Your Space Efficiently

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