CORT Offers Rental Solutions for the Collaborative Workplace

Modern, open workplace designs are taking off in major metropolitan areas across the country to increase productivity, drive mobility programs and to mitigate reduced company real estate holdings. CORT, a Berkshire Hathaway company and the only national provider of furniture rental, stands ready to bring these contemporary workspace visions to life.

Companies nationwide are foregoing traditional, closed-off cubicle layouts for spaces with floor-to-ceiling windows, high ceilings and collaborative workspaces. CORT provides professional space planning services and a contemporary inventory in response to this commercial real estate shift.

“CORT has seen a significant increase in companies from private equity groups to tech startups and even traditionally conservative utilities open up to this modern workplace trend,” said Carey Sanders, senior account executive for CORT.

In addition to shifting work styles for employees, economic conditions over the past several years have led many businesses to seek opportunities to reduce real estate holdings, and the average space allotted per employee in the office is shrinking in the process. The open design trend has created the need for small rooms dedicated for private conversations or total quiet. These spaces, combined with soft seating areas and café settings, complete the collaborative environment.

CORT conducts a thorough space planning process that begins with a needs assessment for the company and includes the company’s culture, primary need, timeline and budget. The software used by CORT creates professional lay-outs in less than 24 hours and enables the company to choose the preferred design before the first piece of furniture hits the ground.

“We’re seeing open workplace design as a trend primarily along the east and west coasts, which is typical in the early stages of many trends,” said Mary Ann Marquardt, senior merchandising manager for CORT. “Open workplace design enables companies to lease less space to save on real estate costs, and boosts collaboration to maximize worker productivity.”

CORT is also meeting the needs of mobile workers requiring “touch-down” spaces with inventory such as a rolling pedestal file with a cushion on top that doubles as a guest seat. Mobile furnishings are just one new addition to CORT’s inventory in anticipation of increased demand for temporary solutions. Specifically, CORT has expanded its Herman Miller AO2 collection, which includes products that are streamlined in appearance and support highly collaborative work environments.

CORT provides furniture rental solutions for clients ranging from Fortune 1000 businesses to startups designing customized workplace plans that meet their individual needs.

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