Big Data and the Evolving Workplace

A decade ago, cloud-based data processing was a foreign concept. When the first iPhone arrived in 2007, the idea of a touchscreen phone interacting with computers was mind-boggling to most consumers. Today, technologies have evolved to the point where our personal devices are now essential fixtures in our daily routines. While these advancements have largely occupied the consumer space, the technology is now being incorporated into the modern-day workplace.

This March, CORT partnered with Tango Mobile LLC to launch Tapdn™, a new IoT platform to revolutionize how people experience workspaces. Tapdn uses minimal footprint wireless sensors to acquire and analyze real-time data – including space utilization, utility and asset usage – to interpret patterns of workplace operations for businesses.

With these results, businesses can make the changes necessary to their workplace to optimize their most important asset: employees. Here’s a closer look into how big data is allowing employers to shape their businesses to best fit the needs of their workforce.

Understanding an Evolving Workplace

The workplace is always evolving, ushering in new talent each year. Younger generations have different lifestyles and work preferences compared to their more seasoned peers, and these inclinations have a direct impact on how businesses operate. With these changes, businesses are relying on big data and the latest technologies to understand and cater to the needs of employees.

For example, as Generation Z  (born between 1995 – 2010) continues to enter the workforce, they are looking for work environments that align with their skillsets and workstyle preferences, which are rooted in a strong reliance on and affinity for technology. Considering many of these employees use connected devices in their homes, cars and throughout public settings, it’s critical they also have regular access in the workplace to maximize efficiencies.

Implementing technology and connected devices in offices will help businesses attract and retain employees, reducing costs and maximizing productivity along the way. Tapdn gives businesses the data necessary to make decisions and understand current workplace needs, inefficiencies and liabilities. These results will give insights into multiple areas of any built space, including which assets are being used, as well as opportunities to create efficiencies within utilities, parking and shared space.

One Platform. Infinite Impact.

Technology is constantly evolving, with even more exciting advancements on the horizon. To keep up with the needs and expectations of an ever-changing workforce, businesses need to have a clear understanding of how their employees operate in built space. Through Tapdn, employers have the power to optimize the productivity of employees by investing in what’s most important for their particular workforce.