A Checklist for Getting Ready to Move Out of Your Parent’s Home

Congratulations! You’re ready to break free from your parent’s basement or your childhood bedroom. It might have been a convenient place to stay after graduation, or while you were trying to save a little bit of money. If you’ve been living at home into adulthood, you aren’t alone! Nearly thirty percent of Millennials are “snug in the nest,” according to Goldman Sachs

Whether you’ve been living with your parents after college or other circumstances have kept you at home, you’re finally ready to start out on your own! Use this moving out of parents’ checklist to make your move as seamless as possible! 

3 Ways to Prepare to Move Out of Your Parent’s Home 

So, you’ve decided you’re ready to move into your own place! Before you start picking out furniture and decor, there are a few things to do before moving out of your parents’ home, like budgeting, finding an apartment, and thinning out your possessions. 

1. Get Your Finances in Order

Moving away from home brings newfound freedom! Whether it’s your first time moving away or you’ve lived in your own place before, your first step in preparing to move out of your parent’s home should be to get your finances in order.

Are you a first-time renter? Moving into your first place marks an exciting transition: you’ll have complete control over your decor, when and what to eat for dinner, and what shows to watch. Instead of having just one bedroom in your parent’s home to decorate, you’ll have the freedom to create an entire apartment or house to decorate.

But, unfortunately, you’ll also be on the hook for rent and bills. If you’ve been living with your parents to save money, you may or may not be budgeting for living expenses for the first time. 

Either way, before you move away from home, you’ll need to consider your current financial situation and create a budget. First things first, you’ll need to take stock of your finances and factor in existing fixed costs and debts — think credit card payments, student loans, insurance, or car payments. From there, you’ll want to factor in other items, like groceries, gas, savings, clothing, entertainment, and dining out. And, don’t forget to include utilities like water, gas, electricity, cable, internet, and any subscription services. 

Once you’ve examined your budget,  it’s time to find a rental you’ll be able to comfortably afford. It’s generally recommended that housing takes up no more than 30 percent of your income. However, finding a roommate can result in big savings (or even a potential friendship)!


2. Start Apartment Hunting 

With your budget in mind, it’s time to start apartment hunting! When shopping for an apartment, budget, convenience, and amenities are all factors to consider. Weigh your options carefully and be sure to select an apartment that maximizes your budget in addition to providing you with your desired conveniences or amenities.

Whether you have specifics in mind or are just starting your search, ApartmentSearch can help! With advanced filtering and search options, you won’t have to waste time sifting through hundreds of dead-end listings. Instead, find apartments that fit your needs without taking a serious toll on your finances. 

3. Decide What to Take (and What to Leave Behind) 

If you’re moving out of your childhood home, it’s likely that your bedroom is filled with memorabilia — and maybe even some regrettable fashion choices that are still taking up closet space. While there are some things you need when moving out of your parents’ house that you can bring along, there are also plenty of things you won’t want to bring along. So, before you move, consider donating items you no longer enjoy or use. 

Some items that you may want to donate or trash include:

  • Clothes you no longer wear
  • Old books, schoolwork, and magazines
  • Expired cosmetics
  • Worn and torn linens, towels, and rugs
  • Outdated paperwork
  • Damaged or mismatched furniture items

Moving into a new space with only things you love, use, and enjoy will help simplify your move and reduce moving costs. Plus, reducing the amount of stuff you bring can help prevent your new place from becoming cluttered. 

A Checklist for Furnishing Your First Apartment 

Preparing for a move can be difficult, as is furnishing your new place!  Did you know the average person moves 11 times within their lifetime? Whether you’re renting your first apartment (or your fifth!) it’s unlikely you’ve landed in your forever home. One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a first-time renter is investing in costly, bulky furniture which later increases both your moving costs and stress. Shopping from low-quality budget brands may seem like a smart decision at the moment, but by your second or third move, you’ll likely be dealing with a wobbly bed frame, a chipped, unstable desk, and lumpy couch cushions.  

Instead of spending a fortune on sturdy brand new furniture or bringing hand-me-downs from your parents’ house, consider renting furniture from CORT. With whole-home furniture rental packages starting at just $287 per month, you can furniture your entire place for the cost of a brand new mattress. To get started, take a look at this list of the essentials you’ll need to furnish your new home on a budget. 

1. A Bedroom Set

Long gone are college days when a mattress on the floor would be considered frugal and acceptable. A bedroom set should be your number one priority when budgeting for new apartment furniture.

Whether you opt for a space-savvy framed headboard or go all out with a California King, CORT has you covered. 

Find your furniture style by browsing our bedroom sets online or visiting CORT in-store. Bring the dimensions of your new bedroom, and our staff will help you find the perfect place to lay your head.

2. Living Room Furniture

Every space is unique, and just because your aunt’s old couch from the ’80s will technically fit in your living room doesn’t mean it should. Do your best to avoid the hassle of mixing and matching furniture you’ve picked up from relatives or yard sales. 

One of the most common mistakes when shopping for an apartment is buying too much too soon. Instead, opt to rent furniture. Renting a curated set can help you cut down on moving expenses and create a beautiful living area. 

3. Kitchenwares and Dining Furniture

Finding a dining set that fits your space can be tough. Some dining rooms might not have the square footage to host a traditional style set. Instead, try a lean high-top table that won’t intrude into walkways or the living room. 

And unless you have a set of pots and pans, utensils, dishes, and drinkware to fill your kitchen cabinets, you may want to add housewares to your CORT furniture package. 

4. Home Office Furniture

Working from home has become the new normal. Investing in a comfortable, ergonomic desk chair will be one of the most impactful purchases you make.

In addition to your desk chair, you’ll want to create a polished office space that allows you to be comfortable and productive — all while looking professional on Zoom meetings!

5. Linens, Textiles, & Decor

When moving out of your parent’s home, you may find that there are plenty of essentials you didn’t realize you’d have to end up purchasing — particularly when it comes to linens, textiles, and decor!

Decor, towels, curtains, and linens can end up costing a pretty penny — and your budget may be close to maxed out by the time you get to finishing touches. Luckily, CORT allows you to rent furnishings, decor, and home essentials alike.

A coordinating bed set, the right rug, and comfortable pillows can make or break your space. And, trends in home décor are constantly evolving; one day it’s big and bold, the next it’s minimal and subtle. Renting allows you to change your style with the times without the pricey commitment. 

Achieve a cohesive, complete look throughout your entire home by selecting a pre-curated apartment set or working with the staff at your local CORT showroom

Pro Tip: The easiest way to upgrade your space is by incorporating mirrors into your apartment decor. Not only will it help rooms feel larger than they are, but it’ll also amplify light to make the space feel bright and welcoming. 

The Final Step: Plan Your Move 

There are countless choices you’ll make before move-in day. Working with us to furnish your place will make this part of the process easy. Our delivery team can even have our furniture set up throughout your entire apartment before you move in. That means you’ll avoid the hefty moving prices and hassle of arranging the furniture yourself. 

If you’re ready to move out of your parent’s house but not quite prepared for the responsibility – and cost – of furnishing an entire place, CORT has your back. Start creating your furniture rental subscription package online today or stop by your local CORT showroom


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