Common Mistakes When Shopping for Apartment Furniture on a Budget

Will this fit? How much furniture do I need? How will I fit this new sofa through the door? What furniture for my new apartment will be best? There are so many questions and logistics to figure out when shopping for furniture for your new apartment. Rather than investing time and money into furniture that doesn’t quite work for your space, the furniture experts at CORT Furniture Rental can help! Learn what mistakes to avoid when searching for budget-friendly furniture for your apartment with this list of what NOT to do!

Mistake #1: Prioritizing form over function

Sure, that expensive armchair might look fancy, but can you really envision your dog or cat curling up on it? Would a comfortable recliner be a better lifestyle fit? Take a good look at your daily habits and routines before choosing your furniture. If you like to host dinner parties, then a dining table with an extra leaf is probably pretty important. If you have kids or pets, you’ll probably want upholstery that is easy to clean and that can put up with some wear and tear.

Mistake #2: Using too much too soon

Just because you have the space doesn’t mean you have to fill it up completely, and certainly not right away. Rushing into expensive, long-term purchases can lead to regrets — especially when searching for apartment furniture on a budget! Filling a room with various accessories and furnishings is a little bit like putting together a puzzle. While each piece connects, it might not be clear when you first start.

To avoid making regretful decisions, make a decorating plan before starting so you can put the pieces together before you put the money down. This will help you figure out what furniture you need, what type of rug will work with that furniture, options for lighting, and so on. It will also help you to determine your budget, make finding the best place to buy affordable furniture simpler, and help you decide what items you need now and what can be purchased later.

Mistake #3: Forgetting to measure

It can’t be said enough: make sure to measure before you even consider getting that apartment furniture! Make sure you know all the dimensions of your new space, and before you settle on a piece, go to the apartment and map out potential new furniture arrangements. Pro tip: Stick painter’s tape on the floor to represent the dimensions of the new piece you’re considering, whether that’s a chair, sofa, lamp, or table. And don’t forget about the doorways and other passageways through which you’ll be trying to move in all this new furniture. The last thing you want is to realize there is no way in heck that perfect couch will fit into your new space.

Consider Renting Furniture Instead of Buying

If the thought of buying new furniture for your apartment sounds exhausting (and expensive!) — you’re right. Instead of investing thousands in furniture you may not keep long-term, consider renting what you need for a fraction of the cost.

CORT’s furniture subscriptions include three rooms of furniture that are designed to fit your space. Get expert advice and — if furniture rental is the right solution for you — have a stylist pick out the pieces you need for your square footage. Our experts can help you in-store or online. Start exploring furniture at affordable prices for your apartment today!

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