Home Décor Hacks for Active Duty Military

The challenge for military personnel and their families when it comes to moving into their own place is not knowing where they might be in a few months. The typical military family moves every three years. While temporary situations call for temporary solutions, there are easy ways to make your temporary house feel like a home.

Home Decor Hacks for Military


By renting furniture, active duty military and their families can choose furnishings and décor that make sense for now, not necessarily for always. When choosing rental furniture, consider the following tips on how to furnish your new home to optimize the space, while creating a well-designed home that reflects your family’s personal taste and lifestyle no matter how long you plan to live there.

  • Moving to an apartment rental typically means a lot of white walls. If you don’t plan to paint, consider brightening up your living space by adding a splash of color and flair with accessories such as wall décor, area rugs, pillows, and pottery.


  • To contrast the boring beige on your walls, select sofas and chairs with warm and inviting colors and patterns. Tie in the color palette with vibrant wall décor pieces and window treatments.


  • Anchor each room of your home with an area rug. Be sure to incorporate the right size to add warmth to a space while providing a soft spot to place your tired feet. Area rugs can also springboard the color palette to the rest of your room design, as well as provide an opportunity to incorporate unique textures.


  • Storage is key in any living environment. When choosing bedside tables, end tables or coffee tables, select ones with drawers or baskets for extra storage space to keep everyday items readily available.


  • Shelves are not just for books, but can also serve as the perfect choice for storing items and displaying memorabilia from military deployments. Missing friends and relatives from home? Place pictures in textured, colorful frames that add a splash of interest in living rooms or hallways.


  • Lighting is key when it comes to completing the look of your home. It not only helps illuminate a living space, but can also add character to the overall design. Table and floor lamps in wood or metal can enhance furnishings, while also illuminating your workspace.


  • Furniture rental is a great option for active duty military personnel since with each new deployment comes a new living situation. The sofa you have today, may not fit in your future home. By working with CORT, you can find the right pieces to fit your existing space. Then when you are ready to move to the next city or country, just give CORT a call and they’ll come pick it up!

CORT works with military personnel to provide what they need when they need it. The best part of the furnishing process–CORT picks it up when you are ready to move on to your next deployment!

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