Home Furniture In France

Rental of home furniture is an ideal solution for many individuals, particularly those temporarily relocating. Perhaps you’re relocating to a different part of town or a new city, and want to relieve the stress of settling in and shopping for new home furniture by renting from CORT for your first three months. But what about those moving abroad on assignment for work, or simply to experience living in a new country? Shipping your own furniture is extremely costly, and it’s a hassle when compared to the simple solution of home furniture rental through the CORT Global Furniture Rental Network. Our services are trusted in over 60 nations, including France.

France is a beautiful country with diverse cultures and many unique experiences to be had. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the language, traditions and cultural nuances of the French people as much as possible before making this big move. It will be exciting but stressful, and that’s where CORT comes in. Let us take one worry off your back by fulfilling your home furniture needs. Rental furniture is a cost-effective alternative to buying and reselling new furniture during a temporary stay, even if you will be in France for over a year. Plus, we make it so easy with our regional service centers, with representatives who can cater to your specific needs for home furniture rental.

We’re featuring France rental furniture this week because of the country’s popularity and status as the most-visited in the world. Moving there is a unique choice and opportunity for many individuals. Renowned for its architecture, cooking, literature and beautiful language, there is plenty to see and learn in France. Food is a major part of the culture, with the types of dishes and ingredients used differing regionally. Because of the nation’s rich and storied history, French cooking has evolved over the centuries as political and social changes shaped the culture. Of course, cheese and wine are significant elements of the local cuisine, with several variations regionally.

Foreign languages are not widely spoken in France, so it is advisable to learn the language as much as possible before moving. Interestingly, French literature was the catalyst for defining French as it is used today. In the Middle Ages, writers would use their own spelling and grammar to express the non-uniform language. Influential writers such as Francois Rebalais helped standardize French. On another note, sports are very popular here, with football, rugby, basketball and handball among the most beloved. The nation also plays host to the Tour de France, the world’s most famous road bicycle race.

Soak up the new culture but keep your personal tastes and preferences satisfied with the wide range of home furniture rental choices available for rent through CORT. Choose from traditional or contemporary styles to make a temporary home your very own.