Nature’s Palette: Your Guide to Decorating with Green

A calming, earthy color, green is a popular yet timeless choice in interior design. However, not all greens are created equal or have the same impact within a home. Whether you’re aiming for an airy and down-to-earth aesthetic evoking images of freshly cut grass or a more glamorous, jewel-toned room inspired by the emerald, choosing your green – and figuring out how to incorporate it into the space – can be tricky. 

Here’s how to decorate a green room, whether you’re a homeowner with no limits or a renter hoping to inject your favorite color into your temporary space.


Experiment with Different Shades of Green


Tell someone you’re decorating with green, and each person will inevitably have a wildly different image in their head. There are countless variations, and each shade of green has a remarkably different aesthetic impact. 


Choose a dark green, similar to the May birthstone, for a moody, more luxe space. A deep emerald green can feel soothing and calm, making it perfect for decorating a green bedroom. Conversely, lime green will add energy and make a bold statement, while olive green can induce feelings of harmony and balance. A light, soft green can make a room feel airy and light, which is why it’s often used in nurseries. 


Before running out for green paint or investing in an attention-grabbing green sectional, consider the desired mood and purpose of the room.


Add Pops of Color with Green Accent Furniture Pieces


It can feel intimidating to invest in furniture that’s anything except a neutral beige, gray, black, or white, but an green sofa, stately green armoire, or a bold chartreuse chaise can be styled and accessorized in a surprising amount of ways. Consider choosing one or two green pieces of furniture to serve as the room’s focal point. 


Not sold on that olive green furniture set? Choose green decor for the living room to create pops of color in a similar way – think green throw pillows, curtains, rugs, and green wall decor like paintings or graphics.


Think Natural


Take it back to the basics and fill your space with houseplants! Not only is this an easy way to add green color to your space, but incorporating live plants into your home can decrease stress levels, purify the air, and increase productivity. Plus, greenery is one of the most versatile types of decor. Add it to your living room, bedroom, office, kitchen, dining room, bathroom – basically, embrace being a true greenhouse!


Create a Bold Accent Wall


There’s a reason accent walls are such a go-to way to add color and interest to a room. If you’re able to paint, grab your favorite green paint color and go to town on the wall of your choosing. If you need something renter-friendly, check out your options for non-damaging, peel-and-stick solid green or patterned wallpaper. 

While an accent wall is a fun idea, don’t be afraid to deck out four green walls if you totally love the color or pattern.

Consider the Other Colors in the Space


Green may only be one part of the room’s color palette, and one great thing about the color is that it seems to go with nearly everything. Pairing sage green decor with crisp whites and beiges can create a breezy, bright space, while combining a deep forest green with dark woods and rich textures can create a truly decadent sleep space


When choosing green bedroom decor or deciding what to paint your living room walls, consider the colors and styles of the furniture and decor you already have in that room.


Make a Big Statement with a Monochromatic Space


Go big or go home, right? If you really want to make a statement, think monochromatic. Consider layering different shades of green within the room, or use one shade with different textures and finishes. Instead of choosing accents or pops of color, drench your room in the hue for a big impact.


Don’t Shy Away from Paint — And We Aren’t Talking Walls!


Painting your existing furniture and cabinetry can completely transform a room. Green kitchen cabinets are incredibly on trend right now, and old pieces of furniture can be fully refreshed with a coat or two of green paint. 


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Green is a timeless, elegant color that can fit almost any style. However, customizing your home can feel difficult if it’s a temporary space. From an off-campus apartment to an internship or job relocation, it’s important to feel at home no matter where you are.

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