Appreciating Interior Design

In many of our furniture rental blog posts, we refer to the broad selection of styles available in CORT’s huge inventory of rental and clearance furniture. We believe in good design and offering pieces that deliver in terms of both form and function. With such a diverse customer base, it’s crucial that we stock furniture pieces that suit many different tastes.

Ultimately, we have American furniture designers to thank for dictating the interior style trends we embrace every day.

The contemporary furniture design field is converging to discuss the state of the industry this month at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City. The series of panel discussions, called “The Home Front: American Furniture Now,” will run through April. It will be guest curated by Surface Magazine Editor-in-Chief Dan Rubinstein and feature speakers ranging from retail store owners to architects and educators. The goal is to allow voices representing varying sides of the industry a chance to engage with each other and the public.

The first discussion, featuring a round table of retail taste-makers, took place on Jan. 13. It was an opportunity for designers to understand how to get noticed by retail venues, in terms of producing products that deliver on cost, quality, manufacturing, and the tastes and tendencies of American furniture shoppers. These concerns are a priority to us here at the furniture rental blog, as well. Next month, a panel of successful designers will contribute to a discussion of the challenges facing new designers.

A session on Mar. 10 will relate to the evolving role of architects, who have a lot to gain from a strong American design scene. Later that month, Pratt Institute students and alumni will get the chance to receive a portfolio review from designers Dror Benshetrit and Todd Bracher. The series concludes with a demonstration of new work created by the American Design Club, a collective of leading young talent.

It will be interesting to see what direction contemporary furniture design will head toward in 2011 and beyond. We’re excited to continue providing the best modern furniture rental styles here at CORT, and we’ll keep you posted on exciting new collections and partnerships in the furniture rental blog.