7 Design-Savvy Ideas for Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are stylish and practical. If you currently live in or plan on renting a home with an open floor plan, you know that these types of spaces have endless possibilities.

It’s possible to make the most of your open floor plan without it feeling disjointed or awkward. How can you create an open space that’s cohesive and looks great? Get inspired by these seven ideas for putting the design to work in an open floor room.

Be Consistent With Color

Too many colors in different areas can make the entire space seem disorderly. Choose one or two colors as a foundation and base the entire design on them. Alternate the foundation colors in different parts of the space.

Contrasting colors in accents and small pieces can add a “pop” of color that keeps the space interesting. You can also create a focal wall or gallery wall to bring in bits of color in small doses without disrupting your foundation shades’ harmony.

Achieve Harmony in Your Space

Consistent elements promote harmony in a larger open room. You can repeat patterns or materials in different parts of the space to create a “theme” statement that brings the entire room together. Using similar colors for furniture and decor can also unify an open room with multiple purposes. Lamps, photo frames, artwork, and other decorative pieces can also bring cohesion to an otherwise disjointed space.

Divide Creatively

Larger spaces with multiple functions can still feel cohesive if you’re intentional with your design. Decor can tie a multipurpose space together and help it achieve harmony regardless of the various functions a room will take on. 

Make a larger space seem like clusters of smaller areas by using different types of dividers. Partitioning a room with curtains and screens can help designate each part of the space’s purpose and feel.

Your dividers don’t have to close off areas of your room. Use open shelving to divide a room without blocking areas and eliminate clutter at the same time. Area rugs can set off certain portions and add texture. You can also frame an area with furniture pieces to designate or break up the larger open space.

Use Big, Bold Furniture

If you have the space, choose larger furniture pieces to help you make your space’s best use—mix practicality and style with furniture that defines the area. Large pieces can create symmetry and balance and help a big room seem more inviting and less cavernous. Big furniture with bold designs allows you to turn the most practical items into works of art.

If your open space includes a dining area, use an island with barstools rather than a formal dining table for a more casual space. Add chairs and banquettes nearby for more opportunities for interaction. In a living room space, use large couches to create areas for conversation. Set them up across from each other for symmetry. 

Reclaim the Corners

The corner used to be where you banished stashed clutter, but not anymore. Today, your corners can become nooks for specialized functions or inviting areas for conversation. You can also create spots in corners for engaging areas for entertaining or productivity, like working from home or enjoying your hobbies. 

Put a banquette for breakfast in a corner next to your dining area, or set aside a bar area in a corner for entertaining. You can also put a sectional sofa and some chairs in a corner to create a casual, comfortable space. The possibilities are endless when it comes to putting your corners to good use.

Move Inward

One of the nicest features of a large open space is that you don’t have to push everything against the wall. Your open floor plan gives you the luxury of bringing pieces inward and away from the edges of the space. Moving furniture toward the center of the room gives a room a cozy, conversational feel and helps the space seem more intimate.

Bringing your furniture inward allows you to entertain without your guests feeling spread out—position pieces in a way that flows from one area of the room to the next. You can place shelving on the outside of the room to bring storage away from your areas for entertaining, or you can use artwork to turn your walls into conversation pieces.

Take Advantage of Lighting

Creatively use lighting to make better use of your open room. Lighting design can help divide your room into smaller spaces or unite the room, depending on your preferences. Lamps are an easy way to bring in style as well as function. Pendant lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps, or end table lamps can define a space based on its function or style. Tall lamps or pendant fixtures can add a vertical dimension to a space that’s wide or long.

Don’t be afraid of windows. Shared natural light can add warmth and comfort to a large space. Large windows brighten up rooms with dark walls or furniture, so don’t cover them with heavy drapes or shades. Windows can also bring the outdoors into a room, adding harmony with the areas outside the space.

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