Our Top 10 Most Creative New Year’s Resolutions

New year, new you! With the start of the new year quickly approaching, resolutions are close behind. But instead of setting the usual goals that fade by February, try setting creative new year’s resolutions that will hold your attention all year long.

If you’re looking to make your new year’s resolutions stick, you’ll need to make ones that are realistic, manageable, fun, and unique! Here are our top 10 new year’s resolutions that will help uncover the sparkly new version of you.

1. Trade Your Space

There’s no better way to make a big jump than by moving into a new space. Change the environment you spend most of your time in, and we guarantee you’ll be welcomed with positive changes in other areas. CORT’s furniture rental service is a fantastic resource when it comes to making a move. CORT will help you furnish your new home effortlessly by providing both delivery and assembly assistance.

2. Get Growing

If you’re looking to get started on a new, year-round hobby, why not try gardening? Depending on where you live, January’s climate may not support your planting plans right away. With that being said, it’s the perfect time to start crafting an itinerary! Ease into this hobby by researching and setting up a calendar for your soon-to-be garden. It will give you something to look forward to in the upcoming months!

3. Call Yourself a Collector

Create a resolution that lasts throughout the year by choosing one that will last for years to come! Add to your new year’s resolution activities by starting a collection of whatever interests you or brings you joy. Depending on what you choose, this slow-building hobby can even serve as a great financial investment!

4. Build Your Dream Home

Building your perfect home doesn’t necessarily mean mapping out a blueprint or packing up and moving. You can create your ideal home from the inside out! Give your interior an exciting makeover, and watch your dream space come alive. CORT has everything you need to hit refresh on the interior of your house from top to bottom. Plus, with our flexible furniture rental plans, you can hit the refresh button on your home each year!

5. Change Your Story

What’s the one thing you love to lament about not being good at? Are you an infamously bad cook, an anti-running activist, or too busy for meditation? Whatever your “thing” is (or isn’t), we challenge you to change the narrative. You can never really know unless you give it a solid try!

6. Maximize Your Time

Time is a precious resource. This year, instead of thinking of ways to spend your time, think about how you can save it! Make a list of hacks, methods, and resources that will help you save time on a daily or situational basis, and then apply them in the year going forward.

7. Create an Office That Inspires

Interior design doesn’t start and end within your home! If your new year’s resolutions are work-related, we especially recommend sprucing up your office space. With CORT, selecting, and installing office furniture rentals couldn’t be more convenient. What’s more, if you’re looking to transform office buildings on a larger scale, the professionals at CORT are ready to make it happen.

8. Ditch the Gym Membership

This may be the most counterintuitive resolution of them all; however, you read that right! Next year, try ditching your gym membership and get outside instead. Breathing in the fresh air and being in nature are integral parts of being healthy on both emotional and physical levels. This creative commitment to exercise will also force you to keep things interesting instead of falling into stagnant workout routines.

9. Pay it Forward

When it comes to new year’s resolutions, it’s normal to think about ourselves first. Self-improvement is no small feat! With that being said, sometimes self-improvement starts outside of the bubble we create for ourselves. By getting involved with charities, volunteer opportunities, and helping others in general, you’ll be surprised by how far compassion can take you.

10. Make Room for Surprises

You never know what you’ll find in the year ahead! Instead of setting rigid expectations for the next 12 months, try creating space for what’s to come. Sometimes overscheduling isn’t in your best interest. By carving out more free time for yourself, you’ll be able to leave room for the great surprises that are on their way to you!

CORT is Here to Help with Big Changes

Whether the upcoming year brings you a monumental change or a series of small ones, CORT is here to help you along the way! From flexible furniture rentals to seamless set-up, moving guidance, and beyond, CORT can offer support as you navigate all of your new year’s resolutions.

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