LED Lightings: An Event Planning Trend That Is Here To Stay

event furnitureLight-emitting diodes (LED) are not just for holiday decorations anymore. LED lightings exclusively from CORT Event Furnishings, our event furniture rental service, can transform the look and feel of any corporate event, turning bland into brilliant, bright and even colorful. This fabulous new trend in lighting also helps minimize energy consumption costs and keeps the event space cool.

Adding a beautiful ambient glow to any event, Luna Lighted Columns and pedestals not only look amazing but these columns also come in different sizes and a choice of eight assorted LED colors. Each column is steel framed, making them both stable and functional.

Columns are not the only way to light up an event. Guests and attendees will be talking about getting their beverages from a Luna Lighted Bar. These stylish bars don’t just look amazing; they are fully functional with an ice bin, bottle holder and soda shelf. Offered in rectangular or curved tops, you can configure Luna Lighted Bars to match any event space. As if radiant beverage bars weren’t enough, you can amaze guests even more when they bring their beverage back to a glowing Luna Lighted Table or LED lit ottoman.

Brilliant and colorful LED lighting may illuminate your event, but Luna Lighting will help save on the pocket book as well. LED lights consume substantially less energy than conventional lights, cutting electricity costs and reducing the risk of circuit overload. LED lights also help crowded events stay comfortable and cool. The ambient heat from incandescent lamps combining with the heat given off by a gathering of people can drive temperatures to unpleasant levels. In contrast, LED lighting produces significantly less heat, helping keep spaces cool and guests comfortable.

If you are preparing to plan that important corporate event, CORT Event Furnishings can help you outfit a design and style that will have your guests awestruck as soon as they walk in the door.