CORT Partners with New Moves to Provide Stable Housing for Families

CORT is proud to work with New Moves, a nonprofit that helps transition families who are situationally homeless as a result of domestic violence, job loss, death, health issues and other unforeseen events. CORT donates furniture and housewares to help complete the family’s new home, providing delivery and set up as needed.

Most recently, Southern Affordable Services had a family of five children referred through one of its property management partners. They placed them in an apartment to get them out of a bad situation and received a call from maintenance shortly after, notifying them that the family had no furnishings in their apartment. Situations like these are where they pull CORT in for help.

As a project of Southern Affordable Services, Inc., New Moves partners with case managers at various charitable organizations to provide families with the support they need, offering assistance in emotional counseling, budget skills and job preparation. Meanwhile, New Moves secures the family with a year-long lease in an affordable home through close relationships with property managers and other key contacts in the industry.

“It broke my heart to realize that children my son’s age don’t have a home to go to after school,” said Pete Regules, director of Multifamily Products and Services, CORT. “That motivated me get more involved and find opportunities for CORT to partner with programs like New Moves to address this serious issue.”

The goal of New Moves is to help families return to a point of self-sufficiency. Since 2011, New Moves has helped nearly 450 families, with 88 percent successfully completing their first-year lease.

Thank you to the CORT Winter Park community for the generosity and passion to support this cause.