#WorkspacesChat: Key Takeaways for Small Business Owners

Starting a business is hard and learning to scale it can be even harder, which is why CORT assembled a team of experts for the 2018 CORT Small Business Week Twitter Chat to break down smart business practices.

During the chat, CORT engaged with small business owners, industry professionals and entrepreneurs to share ideas on how small businesses can grow successfully. Chat co-hosts included Allison Ballard, Executive Director of Tapdn™; Brian Moran, founder of Small Business Edge and advocate for entrepreneurs; and Michelle Guilbeau, columnist and radio host for CBS Small Business Pulse.

For those who missed it, check out some of the key takeaways from the discussion below.

Create a “GPS Plan” for your business

Brian Moran recommends creating a “GPS Plan” to help business owners envision where they want to be and map out an effective pathway to reach that destination. Once this initial plan is established, you can review and reference your growth throughout the year to stay on track. Moran points out this approach will not only give your business much needed direction, but will also help in addressing possible stress points.

Invest in your employees

The co-hosts and participants all agreed that a key strategy in growing a business is investing in the right people. As stated by chat participant and creative agency, ThreeSixtyEight, “Hire people smarter than you, treat them well, give them the power to execute the vision.” Allison Ballard also urged businesses to prioritize talent acquisition to create a well-oiled machine and drive growth.

Promote productivity with smart technology

It’s important to utilize technology within a business to streamline workflows and optimize efficiency. Ballard suggests harnessing data to empower employees and maximize productivity with Tapdn, a new IoT platform that acquires and analyzes real-time data to interpret patterns of workplace operations for businesses.

Consider alternative options to furnish your office space

EVAN, a network of IT professionals dedicated to assisting small businesses, said that the company initially went to Craigslist and consignment stores for furniture, but ran into trouble when repairs or replacement furniture was needed. Michelle Guilbeau recommended furniture rental as a creative solution to furnish the new space without stressing about capital and avoid roadblocks.

All in all, there are many obstacles than can pop up for small businesses, but being proactive can alleviate preventable stress.

Thank you to everyone who participated! To read the full discussion, search #WorkspacesChat on Twitter.