Relocation Services: Employee Incentive

people dressed in business attire walking through an airport terminalIt’s become increasingly common for companies in all types of industries to branch out in global markets. This frequently means internationally relocating employees and their families. Quality relocation services are needed to make this huge logistical undertaking as seamless as possible. In many cases, this includes renting apartments or homes and providing furniture and home accessory rentals. These cost-effective solutions provide the deployed employee with services that ease the major transition of moving to a foreign country. Choosing CORT relocation services means more convenience to your company and to deployed employees.

According to the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council, or ERC, more than 1.5 million workers relocate for their jobs annually. As globalization surges forward, relocations are on the rise. When a company deploys teams of strong talent to work on special projects abroad, it builds international business relationships. Meanwhile, your company benefits from multi-cultural perspectives. The challenge is finding and holding onto those talented employees who are willing to take on the challenge of relocating abroad. It is crucial to offer valuable relocation services, which make deployment with your company much more attractive.

Unfortunately, demographic trends are shifting away from the strong company loyalty that encourages talented employees to follow a business overseas. The baby-boomer generation is reaching retirement, and younger workers are more willing than previous generations to switch companies when they feel less taken care of than they’d like to be. This trend, in addition to general economic instability, is driving the preference to rent living spaces rather than buy houses. The high costs of home ownership can be challenging for young employees, so treat them right with relocation services from CORT. We will help secure rental housing, to relieve employees of at least one stress of relocation— finding a comfortable new home.

Depending on the length of deployment, rental furniture and accessories can work as placeholders for the employee’s own home goods as they are gradually shipped over to the new location. Or, they can serve an employee and her family for as long as needed with our flexible lease terms. Wherever the assignment, CORT will be there with our Global Furniture Rental Network and quality relocation services and destination services, offering valuable incentives that take care of your top talent.