Office Furniture Rental: Organizing Your Office for Creativity

office furniture rentalYou’re adjusting to your new environment, with a new office space and new systems and procedures to deal with or create. Relocating to a temporary office space and arranging office furniture rental can be very challenging, especially if it also means moving to a new city. Even if you have had support like destination services, the adjustment can be unsettling. Chances are, you were hired or brought in because of your specific skills and unique perspective. But finding your footing in your new location can limit creativity and productivity. So how do you set up your temporary office to maximize your creativity and productivity? Here are some tips on organizing for success.

For maximum creativity, you may want to carefully plan your office furniture rental placement. Whether it’s a view out a window or a view of an inspiring poster, arrange your office furniture rental pieces so that you can take a mental break every once in a while. Balance the familiar with the unfamiliar. Display a few objects or photos that inspire you and remind you of who you are and what you bring. Balance these with new objects or plants.

Also, when organizing, consider making your movement efficient. Place closest to you the objects and office furniture rental pieces that you use the most, so that you do not have to get up to use them. Files, equipment, office furniture rental pieces or resources you use less frequently should be housed further away. Organize objects by use and create individual “homes” for each category. Keeping things separated by use makes them easy to find. Doing this simple planning of office furniture rental placement can help lower stress and increase efficiency.

Finally, when choosing your office tools, office furniture rental pieces, and other organizational pieces, consider both color and ease of use. Warm colors (shades of red, orange and yellow) tend to create an exciting or warm environment. Cool colors (shades of blue, green and purple) tend to calm, relax and ultimately “keep things cool.” While splashes of color here and there can help create an environment for innovation, too many colors can be distracting and even chaotic. On the other hand, too many neutral colors, or uncoordinated, clashing colors can drain energy or evoke boredom or stress.

Use these tips to design an environment that inspires you and keeps your outlook fresh. The investment of time will pay off in your productivity and creative energy, and leave you feeling at home in your new environment. For ideas and examples, take a look at our photos on Pinterest.