How to Move Your Office: Furniture Rental, Choosing Movers, and More

In peak moving season (which occurs from May to August) and beyond, millions of Americans across the country move residences and businesses, and in the process, will consider everything from office furniture rental to moving insurance. CORT brings you some tips for relocating your business with ease.

Tips for Moving Offices

Beware of Scammers

Unfortunately, there are moving companies that will attempt to scam customers out of more money during what is already a complicated and expensive process.  (Note that the Better Business Bureau received more than 555,000 moving-related inquiries from individuals in the U.S. and Canada in 2012.)  Research your moving company thoroughly and receive a quote in-person before committing.  Obtain copies of all documents you sign so that you can hold the moving company accountable for any changes that are made.

Time Your Move Well

Try to schedule your move mid-month or midweek, when movers will be less busy and prices may be lower.  If you are able, wait until moving season slows down, and move between September and April; again, prices will probably be lower, and movers may prove to be more flexible and accommodating to any problems that may arise.

Office Furniture Rental

When it comes to furnishing your new destination, office furniture rental, whether temporary or long-term, may be a viable solution for businesses in the process of a move. Office furniture rental, which can take the form of either individual items or office systems, allows a business to create an efficient working environment that facilitates productivity.  The advantage of office furniture rental lies in its ready availability, built-in space planning, flexible rental periods, scalability, and the freedom it brings a company to direct its funds toward business operations rather than investing immediately in a fully-furnished office.

Change Your Information Online

Find your business online and update its address, phone number, and hours.  In addition to the information on your own website, check Google, Bing, Yahoo, and reviews website like Yelp! and Angie’s List to correct your contact information.

Moving Your Office with CORT

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