Winter Tips for Apartment Living

winter apartment tipsIt has been a particularly brutal winter in many parts of the country. Even in the comfort of a warm apartment in the company of family and friends, winter brings about unique challenges – dealing with being cooped up inside, staying exercise-inspired, worrying about the heating bill, and staying cold- or flu- free. Apartment living in close proximity with other people and families (not to mention with less floor space for indoor activities) can be trying at times, but here are some tips from CORT on how to stay happy and healthy during the chilly season.

Be Prepared

Home Improvement: Be sure that you check your windows and doors for crevices where the heat you’re paying for can leak and escape, raising your heating bill. Also remember that in freezing temperatures, pipes can freeze and burst. Protect your water supply by insulating your water pipes or making sure that your apartment management is taking the initiative to do so. Have an alternate heating device prepared, should any type of threatening weather knock out your heating system.

Staying Healthy: Keep immune system-boosting vitamins on hand and give yourself a fighting change against other people’s germs this season. Some people suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency from decreased sun exposure during the winter, when days are short and going outside in the cold is not at the top of the list. On that note, it couldn’t hurt to have hand sanitizer around after touching shared surfaces like door knobs and light switches.

Get In On The Winter Activities

Exercise: It may be slightly harder to find the motivation, but routinely exercising during the winter is very important – exercise will help relieve the frustration of being cooped up and even helps ward off the winter doldrums. Even if the temperature doesn’t permit working out outdoors, try joining a gym or even doing light exercises in the comfort of your apartment living room.

Stay Entertained: Winter is the perfect time to start investing time in new books or exploring new hobbies. Brave the cold and engage in winter outdoor activities like ice skating or sledding. Experiment with new recipes. Reach out to your neighbors, who are also probably cooped up indoors.

Brighten Up Your Winter Décor

Abundant Lighting: With days being short and dark nights being long, it’s important to keep your living areas well-lit to keep your attitude positive. Try adding a lampshade with a warm hue to your living room lamp and feel amazed at how those subtle, warming signals can change the way you feel. Even try painting a wall a bright color that reflects light, rather than a dark color that absorbs light.

Reduce Clutter: Box up unused things that are cluttering your counters, shelves, and floors. Keeping your living room clear and free will bring the peace of wide-open space.

Furniture Flow: Consider rearranging your apartment furniture to increase the flow of air and movement throughout the room. Not only will this be a fun task that will give you a fresh new apartment layout, but also you will be ensuring that you won’t be bumping into poorly positioned furniture when you’re shedding your giant winter coat, sweater, and scarf.

Find the beauty in winter by appreciating the intangibles – spending time with your family and friends, making new friends, redecorating your apartment, exploring your favorite hobbies, and staying healthy!