Tips for Moving in the Winter

Are you trying to decide if you should stick it out in your apartment until summer rolls around? This could be a huge mistake. Most people move between the months of May and September. If you’re apartment hunting during the winter months you can actually save on your moving costs and find a better deal on your new place.

The downside to moving in the winter is that the weather can change at a moment’s notice and can create a few inconveniences, which is why we’ve put together a list of five helpful tips for moving in the wintertime:

1. Check the Weather. Regularly.

It’s always best practice to check the weather in the days leading up to your move so that you know if there are any storms coming your way. We all know though that sometimes the weatherman can be a bit off, and that weather can be unpredictable. Make sure to have multiple routes mapped out to your new apartment, so when you check traffic reports the morning of the big move, you know which route will get you to your new place in the safest and shortest amount of time.

2.  Keep Winter Supplies with You

You need to be prepared for anything that comes your way. So make sure to have a set of winter supplies in the car with you such as an ice scraper, salt for the sidewalk, a shovel, and of course a pair of gloves and warm clothes. If you arrive at your new apartment and the driveway is covered in snow, you’ll need to shovel before the moving van can pull in. Additionally, if your sidewalk ends up being icy, you’ll want that salt so that you and your movers don’t end up slipping or falling while carrying boxes and furniture into your apartment.

3. Help Needed

Hire a moving service; your move will go much smoother, and you won’t have to do any of the heavy lifting, which is always a plus. Not to mention that if you’re a CORT customer, you have access to our destination services, where we actually take care of all of the moving details. It doesn’t get much better than that.

4. Layers, Layers, Layers

Wear multiple layers. There will be moments during your move where you will feel like you’re burning up, and others where you’ll be frigid. It will make your move a lot easier if you have layers on that are easily removable so that your clothes can adjust with your internal temperature. Additionally, we recommend that you keep your front door open, or open a few windows. This will help regulate the temperature throughout your apartment. 

5. Keep It Clean

A woe of moving is that messes are inevitable. When you’re moving during the winter, snow and mud always get brought in, ending up all over your floor. Lay out a front door mat. Buy carpet protection film or cover floors with cardboard, old scraps of carpet, or old fabric to keep it as clean as possible. Then have towels readily available to wipe up any spills or melted snow that may still happen.


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