Spring is Here! Tips for De-Cluttering Your Living Area

furnished housingOne of the advantages of renting furnished housing includes the experience and expertise of a highly qualified staff to help you make design choices that best fit your budget and your space. Choosing the right furniture for the space can go a long way in making a living area feel open and inviting. But when it comes to controlling clutter, its up to the homeowner to make choices about how to utilize a space. This article begins a series of blogs on how to manage clutter. This week, we will be focusing on living areas.

Home staging experts understand the importance of a living area that is free of clutter. That’s because people who are looking for a home want to imagine themselves living there. In a similar way, keeping your living area free of clutter will also free up sense of imagination and focus, and even your creative energy. So here’s a few tips you can borrow from the home staging experts.

Create a place where each item belongs. This may seem like an obvious point, but it’s easy for objects in the home to float around from place to place, adding to clutter. Finding a place for each item to be stored makes it easy to determine when something doesn’t belong in the space. Before finding a home for an object in the living area, be sure that it belongs in the room. Bringing this kind of awareness to each object will naturally reduce clutter.

Store loose items in attractive closed containers. Most people like to have a living area feel inviting, no matter how their space is furnished. Housing loose objects in visible areas can be chaotic and distracting, making it harder to create a welcoming environment. An attractive container, on the other hand, can hide the clutter while adding to the overall look. In the same vein, you may want to consolidate and hide electrical cords behind cord-keepers or furniture.

Go light on the accessories. Adding more dΓ©cor isn’t always a good idea. When furnished housing includes a simple, yet well-planned interior design, the effect can be astonishing. Select home furniture rental pieces and room accessories wisely. A pop of color here and there is often all that is needed to create that look you are going for.

With these tips, you are sure to create a living space that is both attractive and simply inviting. Next week in the funiture blog we will address another aspect of maintaining clutter-free environment.