Lobby Design Tips for Healthcare Settings

If you’re in the healthcare space, then you want to keep your patients comfortable. After all, they’re much more than just consumers. Creating the right environment begins in the office lobby. In a study published in The Journal of Environmental Psychology, the physical appearance and overall feel of a waiting room directly affected how patients perceived their overall care.

Designing a comfortable environment means soothing the senses, from the colors you choose to the kind of music you play. Your lobby furniture also makes an impression on your patients, so put some thought into not just how it looks, but also how comfortable it is. Here are a few more furniture tips to keep in mind.

Select Durable Furniture

You want furniture to look nice, but it’s going to sustain a lot of wear and tear, so keep quality in mind as you make selections. Furniture made from vinyl and polyester materials are going to be more durable and easier to clean. That’s even more important for healthcare settings that potentially encounter lots of patients with contagious viruses. Make sure you’ll be able to keep furniture germ-free with a quick cleaning.

Think About How It’s Arranged

Does your healthcare facility cater to children and families? If so, look at groupings that allow families to sit together. Consider having chairs or couches of different heights to accommodate patients of different sizes. Older patients may have difficulty getting in and out of lower chairs or soft furniture, so think about what works best for your specific crowd. Arms on chairs make it easier for patients to get up and sit down, particularly when they aren’t feeling strong. Your furniture should fit the patient, as well as the tone of the office.

Keep It Updated

Nobody wants to sit on worn, torn, or stained furniture, but replacing furniture as soon as it shows signs of wear can get expensive — fast. Consider renting lobby furniture to keep your office lobby looking fresh and up to date. You can replace items as needed or change the look of the entire space at once to make it more appealing to patients.

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