The Rise of the Resimercial Office: What It Is, And What It Means for You

By: Debbie Clifton, CORT National Accounts Manager 

In recent years, we’ve seen several new trends arise in the modern office, among them being a transition to more open office environments, as well as increased popularity for the coworking office model.  

Along with the advent of new office models, and – let’s face it – a changing work culture in America, it’s no surprise that the way businesses are choosing to furnish their spaces has also changed. Enter an entirely new design movement that has been termed “resimercial”. 

This new office design aesthetic is, as the name would imply, a combination of “residential” and “commercial” furniture that merges to create a cozier, more home-like workplace environment. But just what does this style look like, and how can it benefit your business? Here, we’ll explore the highlights of this new design trend, as well as the positive impact it can have on your bottom line. 

What is the Resimercial Design Trend? 

So just what is resimercial design? It is a relatively recent trend that blurs the lines between home and work. In other words, when a company decides to incorporate resimercial design into its office space, instead of stark rows of cubicles and fluorescent lighting, you might expect to see comfy upholstered seating and brightly colored artwork punctuated by stylish table and floor lamps. These more residential elements combine with traditional office pieces like desks and gathering tables to create an inviting – yet productive – work environment.  

It’s no surprise that resimercial design has experienced increased popularity in recent years. After all, more and more people are now able to work remotely from their homes – and really from just about anywhere. As a result, many members of the younger generation of workers, Millennials and Gen-Xers, grew up with an “always on” mindset. But as the lines between “work life” and “home life” began to blur, so did the design of the spaces where work and life are conducted.  

After all, if you’re able to work from home, shouldn’t you also be able to relax in the office? 

Benefits of the Resimercial Office 

While the resimercial design aesthetic might objectively be considered more pleasing than the stark office environments of the past, there are other benefits, too. In fact, having a well-designed office – that is, one that caters to the tastes of your workers – can actually improve your company’s ability to hire and retain top talent.  

According to a recent workplace survey,  48% of respondents said the design and layout of the room in which they were interviewed would influence their decision to accept a job offer. On the other hand, recruiting experts also note that a workspace that doesn’t fit the way your staff prefer to work is one of the most common reasons employees leave. Given that to replace an entry-level employee it can cost anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of the role’s salary, and up to 150% of a mid-level employee’s salary, creating an inviting office environment that improves retention can save your company a significant amount of time and money.  

Along with the ability to hire top talent and retain them, resimercial design has been noted to have other benefits as well. For instance, the creation of a better work / life balance, and increased wellness. After all, if people are spending more time at work, businesses need to create environments where employees can be productive – but in order to be productive, some relaxation must take place. That’s where plush seating, soft lighting, and indoor plants can really have an impact. 

How to Create Your Own Resimercial Office Environment

If your company is looking to create a resimercial workspace, there are several items your office or facility manager can seek out to make that wish a reality. Among the items found in a resimercial office are: 

  • Colorful modern wall art 
  • Succulents and fig trees that bring the outdoors in
  • Unique accent chairs that bring a pop of color into the workspace 
  • Comfortable seating areas to encourage community involvement 
  • Gathering tables
  • Area rugs that add texture and color
  • Pillows for color and comfort
  • Benching products that offer sleek lines and agility
  • Mobile power options 

If you’re looking to update your current office space – or undergo a total rehaul – you can make the transition even easier with CORT Furniture Rental. CORT offers a wide range of residential and office furniture that you can combine to create a cozy, creative, and productive work environment. With flexible leases and the ability to add or remove furniture as your needs change, CORT partners with you to create an office environment that your employees will love. 

Debbie Clifton is a National Accounts Manager at CORT Furniture Rental. She’s worked in the furniture rental space for over 25 years and specializes in helping businesses facilitate change in the workplace. She assists commercial real estate teams as they transform vacant spaces through the use of temporary furniture, and guides tenants and project management teams as they navigate times of growth and transition.