Interior Designing with Accent Pieces

furniture rentalIdentifying Accent Pieces

There are many items that can constitute an accent piece.  Furniture rental is one way to decorate your home with small accent furniture items like chairs, end tables, and ottomans.  But furniture rental of accent pieces can also encompass such items as artwork, sculpture, throw pillows, throw blankets, and plants.  Accent pieces serve to draw all the visual elements of a room together.

Defining Your Style

The purpose of adding accent pieces to your home is to give your space a finished look, so it is very important to pinpoint the design aesthetic you want to convey before you start considering furniture buying or furniture rental.  What kinds of design ideas for your home do you have?  Do you want your home to have an old-world, luxurious feel?  Or maybe you want to give your space a cleaner, more modern look.  However you choose to define your style, make sure your accent pieces match that sensibility.  The most well-dressed dream homes pay attention to this very idea.  Take into account the kinds of textures and colors you’d like to place around the room, then begin your search for the right furniture rental accents.

Go Big (With Furnishings)

Larger accent furniture rental pieces are one way to add a visual twist to a room.  You might choose to keep your accent furniture in the same color scheme as your larger furniture for a smooth, cohesive look, or you might choose to add new colors with your accent pieces to enhance the color of your current furniture or the paint colors in the room.  Corner chairs are a great solution in a small space like an apartment living room, where extra seating is necessary but extra room is scarce.  Cocktail tables and end tables can serve as places to set further décor, while a chest of drawers can add a touch of metal hardware while providing storage space.

Go Small (With Accessories)

Once you have all your larger accent pieces picked out and arranged, it’s time to add the smaller finishing touches.  Hang up framed prints, paintings, or posters that pull in colors from other elements of the room.  (Want to know an easy way to determine the height at which to hang pictures?  Measure up 57 inches from the floor.  That is the average human eye-height, and it is where the center of the picture should rest.)  You can also line empty spaces on bookshelves with knick-knacks or plants, or mix up patterns and solids by adding throw pillows to a bed, sofa, or chair.  Just be careful not to over decorate.  You don’t want the room’s décor to look too busy at a glance.

Mix It Up

Additionally, you can work with accent pieces that you already.  Try moving accent pieces around from room to room.  A sideboard from the entryway might work well against the wall of the living room, or move an upholstered corner chair into the office for extra seating and a little luxury.  You can even refinish or reupholster some furniture if you want to make the move permanent.

What kinds of accent pieces do you think are most important in completing the look of a room?  What furniture rental pieces are your favorites when it comes to designing with accents?  Let us know on Facebook or Twitter by sending us your pictures.