Accenting Your Furnished Home with Florals and Plants

The difference between a house and a home is the life that goes on inside it. Whether you are a home staging expert or long time home owner, or have just arranged furniture rental for your first apartment, bringing the interior of your home to life is key. Plants and florals can provide just the touch needed to turn any interior space into a welcoming and vibrant home environment.

Each plant brings a unique texture and quality to a room. A low tray filled with a subtle arrangement of moss and rocks placed on the surface of your furniture rental piece can bring a sense of serenity and peacefulness, while a palm can add lift and movement to a room. Plants can also substitute for art. If the mantel, staircase, or balcony lacks style, adding a climbing vine can transform these mundane features. Some designers use grass in a modern planter to bring a sleek, contemporary look to their furniture rental pieces.

If work has you traveling and relying on furniture rental and quick home solutions, you may need something that requires comparatively less care. In that case, succulents are an excellent choice that many people overlook. Succulents do not have to be watered that often, and can create a sophisticated and stylish look. Plants can also fill spaces. For example, if you have a non-working fireplace, a nice plant in the fireplace can become a great focal piece. Just be sure that when you place the plants, that you check their water-tightness so as not to avoid stains on your family heirlooms or furniture rental pieces.

Plants help to make an interior feel fresh by bringing the outdoors in. One recent trend is called a “living wall.” A living wall is a garden that hangs vertically on the wall. This engaging feature creates fresh air and a catalyst for fresh conversation.

Flowers also bring a space to life. Where you choose to feature fresh cut flowers or choose blooming plants, flowers can provide a beautiful and colorful accent to your furniture rental pieces. This fascinating article from describes how to choose flowers that match your decorating personality. What ever your purposes in designing your space, don’t forget to incorporate the beauty and natural style of plants.