How To Achieve a Minimalist Look With Home Furniture Rental

Minimalism has become a popular trend in home design in recent years. The movement calls for downsizing your belongings in order to create a calm, balanced environment. To achieve the a minimalist look in your home, furniture rental may be a great option. Not only can you select the pieces that create the style you’re trying to achieve, you also won’t be burdened by ownership—after all, for a minimalist, the fewer belongings the better.

Select Your Color Palette

First, start by integrating strong lines and stone colors (gray, black, cream, white), and contrast with furnishings that offer a pop of color or splash of print. Accent with delicate florals (orchids and bamboo create nice touches), crisp lighting, and a display of contemporary art that takes the stage as a centerpiece for the room. The key to creating a “Modern Minimalist” setting is to always strive for a “less is more” environment and highlight the unique parts of the room.

Create Space

A challenge of the modern minimalist look is to create an illusion of space without making the home feel sterile or cold. You may also be working with a small space and want to make it feel more open and airy than it is currently. Here are a few tricks that can help make your designed space feel more open and airy.

Hang mirrors

Choose one wall that reflects a window or another natural element. Use different sized mirrors in various frames to create both a sense of space, and visual interest.

Get Rid of Clutter

Use home furniture rental pieces that offer storage and also create some wall shelving. Try to have multiple functions for every accent choice. If it is not functional or deeply sentimental, it probably does not belong in the space

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