How the “Fast Fashion” Trend Is Shaking Up the Furniture Market

Millennials represent about a quarter of the United States population and more than $200 billion in annual buying power, according to Forbes. As this mobile-savvy, want-it-now crowd reaches its peak working and spending years, retailers are rushing to figure out how to cater to all their needs. The fashion industry responded in part with “fast fashion,” with chains such as Zara and H&M delivering affordable clothing featuring the latest trends in a heartbeat.

The furniture industry has also taken note, with brands tweaking their business models to deliver trend-setting furniture quickly and at a fraction of the cost. Because busy millennials value experiences over things, they may opt for more affordable furniture that looks good in their homes, or they may rent furniture so they can move around more easily. When their tastes change, they like knowing they can easily swap out key pieces with other “fast furniture” options.

“Millennials in particular are looking for personalized products and experiences,” says Kim Kuhteubl, founder of MeByDesign, an “idea boutique” for the home goods industry. “As manufacturers shift to cater to them — with shorter lead times and personalized fabric options — they benefit from the trend.”

If you like to change your wardrobe according to the latest design trends, here’s how you can incorporate the same immediacy into your home.

Don’t Wait for Shipping

When you find furniture you like, you don’t want to wait eight weeks for delivery. Find a company that’s ready to give you what you want when you want it. The Inside, founded in 2016 by DwellStudio founder Christine Lemieux, delivers custom furniture in about six days. The company prints fabric on demand using 3D imaging and digital printing and works with Modsy, a startup that uses 3D video to help you create and see your ideal living room before you buy.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality

Low cost doesn’t have to mean low quality. Furniture stores have access to durable materials at lower price points and can potentially cut costs without cutting quality.

“Fast does not mean wasteful,” says Kuhteubl. “Companies innovating in this space are also doing it around their supply chain. It’s an overall trend that is starting to happen in home building as well as with innovators.”

Furlenco, a furniture rental company headquartered in India, works with designers to create furniture from solid wood the company can easily refurbish. The company’s inventory features modern designs, including “Bounce” floor seating that’s “perfect for house parties,” according to the company’s website.


You can’t toss a piece of furniture out as easily as a blouse. It’s hard on the environment, and if you’re buying new pieces every year, it’s hard on the wallet. To keep up with the latest trends without a financial or environmental impact, use accessories to give your home a fresh look.

Replace neutral accent pillows with bold patterns or bright solids. Add a modern table lamp, or buy a new duvet in a trendy pattern. If yellow is the “in” color, paint a wall lemon. When the trend shifts in six months, you can easily — and affordably — replace accessories and donate your used ones to Goodwill.

Consider Furniture Rental

If you want to change your living space as styles change or as you move frequently, furniture rental is a practical option. It allows you to personalize your space with pieces in a wide range of styles and colors that fall in line with current trends.

You can give your living room a fresh, contemporary look when that look is in, and then swap it out when designers say mid-century modern is hot. Rent by the room with lease options that range from a few months to a few years.

Want the latest look now? CORT Furniture Rental delivers and sets up your furniture in 48 hours. You won’t even have to fluff your new pillows. Unlike what you may find at thrift stores or discount furniture retailers, CORT only delivers products in showroom condition, and your furniture choices will feature durable fabrics and real wood.

When you want fashionable furniture you can easily swap out with the next trend change, consider renting quality pieces from CORT Furniture Rental.