How to Use Next Year’s Design Trends to Easily Remake Your Home

Pantone Color Institute executive director Leatrice Eiseman constantly looks for patterns among the trends. In March 2017, she presented Pantone’s color forecast for 2018 along with seven emerging home trends for consumers to consider. Based on style rather than color, the trends speak to the future of modern design.

Eiseman explained that “inspiration is a catalyst, an impulse, a motivator.” Personal expression is the real defining “trend” of the millennial generation, and it doesn’t have to be costly. The Pantone 2018 design predictions include various options that are easy to integrate into your home.

TREND 1: Geometric Patterns

These bold, stylized patterns are versatile with a modern vibe.

  • Go small by choosing accent pillows, placemats, or storage bins with geometric designs, or go big with wallpaper, area rugs, and upholstery.
  • Use angular patterns for a cutting-edge look and curvy patterns for a softer feel.
  • Keep geometrics subtle by sticking to soft colors.

TREND 2: Typography

Word art invokes text and social media-fueled pop culture.

  • Incorporate accent pillows, wall signs, and original art with inspiring or humorous words.
  • Choose words that link to the room:
    • “Chow time” for the kitchen
    • “ZZZZZ” for the bedroom
    • Monograms and favorite quotes for personal touches

TREND 3: Wood Treatments

Natural wood provides a great contrast to stark, sleek modern surroundings.

  • Go with large, prominent wood accents, such as sliding “barn” doors and exposed beams.
  • Natural wood furniture like dining tables and accent chairs create visual appeal.
  • Eiseman praised “unique and artful” uses of wood, including accent pieces like hand-carved bowls, picture frames, and lamps.

TREND 4: Fringe

Fringe has a playful vibe that is making a comeback, especially on pillows and throws.

  • Achieve the best results with small touches like fringed pillows or throws on monotone couches and chairs.
  • Easily try out this trend by replacing a framed picture with a macramé wall hanging.
  • Caution: Too much fringe looks dated and shaggy when overdone.

TREND 5: Metallics

Eiseman calls metallic pieces modern-day “neutrals” and “classics” and places emphasis on the enduring prominence of this trend.

  • A large, metal accent table or gold-laced fabric can anchor a room.
  • Create contrast by strategically placing metallic accents with more traditional wood or upholstered pieces.

TREND 6: Iridescent Accents

Eiseman emphasizes the impact of iridescent colors: “The human eye can absolutely not avoid (them).”

  • Large iridescent pieces are rare and expensive, while accent pieces are much more accessible.
  • Top options include backsplashes, side tables, clock faces, and pillows with shimmery threads.

TREND 7: Bold Colors

Considering that the 2016 Pantone Colors of the Year were pastel shades, this represents a major trend shift. Eiseman likened bold colors to the “intense lifestyles and thought processes” of modern times.

  • Hesitant? Start small with bold colors in accent pieces — think tabletop décor, seat cushions, or bookends.
  • The more color the better in your book? Consider a bold red couch or green chair.

Let CORT Furniture Rental help you put these 2018 trends on trial in your home so that you can get a feel for what new styles work best in your space.

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