Home Staging for the Colder Months

home stagingIf you talk to anyone in the real estate business about selling homes, they’ll probably be quick to tell you that putting your home on the market in the winter is a lost cause, no matter how much home staging you do. They’ll claim that the lack of daytime and chilly weather will put a hamper on any prospective homeowner’s desire to buy. However, according to a recent statistic from Redfin, homes sell an average of nine days faster during the colder months than they do during the summer. Although there might be fewer buyers out there willing to drudge through the sleet and snow, the ones who are looking at houses during the winter season are much more serious. This, coupled with a few home staging tips we’ve listed down below can help ensure your home gets taken off the market this winter.

Accessible Exterior
Make sure prospective buyers are able to safely and easily get to your front door. Keep your sidewalks and driveway clear of snow and ice. If you live in an area with little to no snowfall, keep the lawn raked and clear of fallen leaves and debris.

Turn The Heat Up
The first interior home staging improvement you should make has nothing to do with furniture or design and everything to do with your thermostat. Keep the house nice and toasty, one or two degrees higher than you normally would. When doors are constantly opening and closing with large groups of people in your home, a draft develops and cold air sweeps in. Keeping the heat turned up will make sure that your guests stay warm and comfortable during their tour.

Focus on Lighting
The colder the month, the earlier the sun disappears. Invest in new light fixtures and lamps to ensure that all of your home staging work can be seen by potential buyers. A few accent lamps can go a long way into sprucing up a room with little natural light.

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