5 Perks of Living in Downtown Apartments

Across America, large and small downtown areas are experiencing a renaissance. Not only are they revitalized centers of commerce, they are increasingly attractive locations to call home. Results of the 2010 census suggest that the American dream of white picket fences out in the suburbs has shifted, with many people opting instead for the perks of living close to all the action.

Not sure if urban living is for you? No matter if you’re a first-time renter looking for sweeping skyscraper-filled views, downsizing, or moving to your first luxury digs, downtown living might be your perfect vibe. Check out the top five reasons to love downtown apartments before making your decision.

Live the Car-Free Life

Park it. One of the biggest perks of living in downtown apartments is sheer walkability. Not only are you part of the city buzz, you’re close enough to all the action that you can skip heavy traffic and the never-ending search for a parking spot in favor of walking wherever you need to go, or taking advantage of public transportation.

Access to Cultural Attractions

Museums, galleries, and attractions (oh my!) — in many cities and towns, key cultural attractions are located downtown. Imagine yourself walking along the street to check out the newest exhibit or to take in a show. If you live in a downtown apartment, that could be your reality.

Get Social

Not only will you be close to all the concert halls and galleries, you will also have easy access to some of your city’s top parks, shops, restaurants, and nightlife. That makes it easier to leave work and head out to meet friends or even new people while you’re walking the dog on the weekend. Whether you ramble down to your local farmers’ market, walk to the grocery store, or grab a coffee in your favorite café, you’re a fixture in the community. Opportunities to gather together or to make new connections seem more abundant when you live in the center of the action.

Become the Ultimate Host

Family and friends are going to love coming to visit. Not only do they get to spend time with you, but they also get to experience what it’s like to be a local in your bustling metropolis. Because you live downtown, guests typically have easy access to major airports, making their journey a little faster and simpler than if you live out in the suburbs.

Apartment Amenities

When you’re researching different apartment complexes, make sure you check apartment ratings and get a list of amenities that each building offers. Most downtown apartments have extras you just won’t find out in the suburbs. Concierge services, indoor pools, fitness centers, and rooftop gardens are common perks you might come across.

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