Must-Have Furniture and Accessories for the First-Time Apartment Renter

You’re renting your first apartment and looking forward to your newfound independence. But furnishing an apartment for the first time can feel overwhelming. You need somewhere to sleep, sit, eat, and store your belongings. Likewise, there are some things you don’t necessarily need to have right away. A few simple tips can help get you started and make you feel right at home.

Begin with the Bedroom

The highest priority on your furniture list should be a bed because, believe it or not, you spend most of your time at home asleep. Choosing a high-quality — but not necessarily expensive — mattress is essential. You need to catch quality Z’s for several years without buying a new mattress.

Along with the bed, you need to invest in bedding, sheets, and pillows that keep you warm and comfy, especially if you expect cold winters. Whether it’s a comforter or quilt, buy something to keep you cozy for years to come.

Don’t forget a dresser for your everyday clothes if you don’t have enough closet space. Look for clear plastic storage bins at your local big-box store to stash off-season clothing and open up some space in a small closet. Use them to store any other belongings you have with you but don’t need often.

Other Large Furniture  to Consider

Without a couch or loveseat, you could find yourself sitting on the floor — not the most comfortable of places. Splurging on something pricey may not be the best option for you as a first-time apartment renter, so snag an inexpensive secondhand piece on your local online marketplace. It may not be your first choice, but at least you’ll have somewhere for you and your guests to hang out.

If it’s within budget, add an armchair and dining set — think bistro-style — to the mix. These furniture items sometimes come to first-time apartment renters by way of parents, relatives, and friends.

Smaller pieces like coffee tables, end tables, and lamps abound at local garage sales and thrift stores. When you’re shopping for used furniture, focus on quality. You can always give a nightstand a new coat of paint, but if the drawers don’t function properly, then you have a problem.

Miscellaneous Must-Haves

Some things you can skip — like the big screen TV or the air fryer — but others are absolute necessities for first-time apartment renters. Items like a shower curtain and bathroom mat, a few pots and pans, dishes, utensils, glasses, cups, and cleaning products are imperative.

When it comes to accessories, making a list of what you actually need helps save time and money. While you’re shopping at local thrift stores and garage sales, check for kitchen appliances like mixers, coffee makers, and toasters that look like they’re in good shape.

Furnished apartments for rent aren’t plentiful in many areas, and if that’s the case for you, don’t worry. For an easy way to outfit your entire apartment — from housewares to linen packages and everything in between — consider CORT Furniture Rental for all your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom furnishings, as well as convenient delivery and pickup so you don’t have to lift a finger.

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