Snowbirding Made Simple: Furnishing Your Winter Home

The snowbird lifestyle, where individuals migrate seasonally to escape harsh weather, has gained popularity for its ability to offer the best of both worlds. You may wonder how to snowbird, and you may also be wondering how to be a snowbird on a budget.


Snowbirds can enjoy warm winters and cool summers by maintaining two homes in different climates. One key aspect of this lifestyle is furnishing both houses to ensure comfort and functionality during each stay. In this blog post, we’ll explore the art of becoming a snowbird and focus on valuable tips for furnishing your two homes.


Here are 7 tips on how to embrace the snowbird lifestyle!


1. Decide Where Your Core Furniture Will Stay


How long will you stay in each place?


Unless you plan to spend precisely six months in your winter and summer homes, you’ll spend more time in one place than the other. That home is likely your primary residence and the one where you will keep important things like core, heirloom furniture, seasonal clothing, and more. There are some items that you could move back and forth, but for the most part, it will be easiest to keep your belongings separate. This is especially true for items like investment furniture that you don’t want to risk damaging with frequent moves.


2. Downsize and Declutter

A decluttered mind is a happy mind — the same goes for your home! The more furniture and excess stuff you can eliminate, the easier the transition between homes will be. One way to do this is by simplifying your furniture. Utilizing multipurpose pieces, like sleeper sofas, can help scale back the individual items taking up space in your home. This is especially true if you only spend 3-4 months at your secondary residence.


3. Consider Renting Furniture for Your Second Home


When you rent furniture and decor instead of buying, downsizing is easy. No yard sales are required. Furniture renting is for those looking for convenience without sacrificing quality. You can have your cake and eat it, too!


Renting furniture saves you time and stress at your second home.


Renting your furniture is more hands-off, and you spare yourself the costs of upkeep and care over the years. And with CORT, you can forget about putting furniture together or even arranging it. Instead, you’ll simply pick your furniture package (or design your own), decide on a delivery date, and then kick back and relax in that newly rented chaise lounge after CORT’s team delivers and assembles your furniture.


When you rent furniture, you know exactly what to expect.


For some snowbirds, staying at a short term rental instead of purchasing a second home is an appealing option. While a furnished rental may seem like the ideal solution, it can come with hidden costs – and not just financially. Most short term rentals do clean between stays, but that cleaning is focused on things like cleaning the floors and washing sheets. The furniture, on the other hand? It could see dozens of other guests between cleanings. Renting furniture gives the peace of mind that your furnishings have been professionally cleaned and sanitzed.


Aside from cleanliness, renting furniture through CORT opens you up to more choice. Even if you’re used to a king sized bed and a sofa that comfortably seats four, with a furnished rental, you’re pretty much stuck with whatever the owners have picked. When you rent your own furniture, you can pick exactly what works best for you. What’s even better is that if you aren’t satisfied with your furniture for any reason, you have 7 days to swap it for something you do love. That’s not an option with a furnished rental…if you can even get in touch with the owner or host at all!


4. Style Your Getaway


When you have two homes, you can change up your style. Your winter home can be a classy mid-century modern haven, while your summer home is a light and bright Japandi-inspired retreat.


Plus, with furniture rental, you can change things up between seasons. Want a brown leather sofa for that sophisticated look? Go for it! Are you feeling an itch to entertain more guests? Rent a larger table this year. Perhaps last year, you were in love with the fun colors of a Contemporary Living style, and now the subtle earth tones of Danish Modernism have captured your heart. A brand new home makeover has never been more accessible.


5. Add Personal Touches and Comfort


Add personal touches to both homes to make them feel uniquely yours. Display cherished items, artwork, and photographs that bring joy and warmth to the space. While you may not want to have duplicates of many objects, decor and photos can be worth the investment. Your secondary residence should still feel like your home, so don’t skimp on basics like a comfortable bed and ample seating for everyone who may visit!


6. Create a Transition Checklist


Develop a checklist for transitioning between your two homes. This should include cleaning, restocking essentials, and checking maintenance requirements. Don’t forget to prepare your furnishings, too: covering your indoor furniture with simple furniture covers can help to prevent returning to piles of dust! If you have an established list and system for moving back and forth, you’re less likely to forget important items. 


7. Don’t Forget to Winterize Your Home


When you leave the nest for winter, it’s best to ensure it’s ready for the cold. So how do snowbirds winterize their homes?


Here are a few tips before you fly south for the winter. 

  • Clean your gutters, and consider gutter guards before autumn.
  • Tarp your grill and any outdoor furniture.
  • Set your thermostat! A range of 55°–65°f is ideal for preventing frozen pipes.
  • Weatherproof any window gaps with caulk.


How to Be a Snowbird in Style—With CORT!

Have you caught yourself wondering, “Should I be a snowbird?”


Let’s propose another question: who wouldn’t exchange those cold, dreary winters of Boston or Chicago for the sunny, warm winters of Tampa or Austin


Purchasing a second house to use seasonally can open up a world of possibilities for you to enjoy warm weather year-round! If you aren’t planning to use it during the off-season or rent it out, consider renting your furniture instead of investing in two whole homes worth of furnishings. 

With CORT’s Move-In Ready Packages, you can furnish your entire place with comfortable furniture that matches your style. Plus, you don’t have to worry about hidden moving costs — our team delivers and installs furniture for you, then hauls it away when you no longer need it. Get started on your furniture subscription package today!

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