How to Turn Your House into a Home After Moving

In the military, moving just goes with the territory. Over time, you learn the logistics of getting from one place to another — and there are many ways to make such a move easier — but it can be more challenging to learn how to turn your new living space into a place that feels like home. Use this PCS move checklist to make your house your home next time you move.

Make It Personal

You can instantly make a space more familiar by adding touches that are distinctly yours. Living in the military means that you learn to pare down your belongings before a move, but you also become more in touch with those personal items that mean something special, such as a quilt that your grandmother made, classic family photos, or a piece of art that means something to you.

Make a Grand Entrance

An entryway that welcomes you home will immediately make your new space more personal. Give the foyer functionality by putting hooks or a coat hanger by the front door and adding a table to drop your keys and other items as soon as you walk in. Decorate the area with an oversized poster or something whimsical that makes you smile so it’ll cheer you every time you return home. You can also add a fun welcome mat that makes you (and your guests) smile.

Create a Sense of Comfort

Use texture to make your new home feel cozy. Super soft blankets, overstuffed pillows, and fuzzy area rugs all have a comforting effect and can be particularly soothing in fall and winter. Add scented candles, or use essential oils in a diffuser to evoke memories of good times.

Go Green

Plants are good for your health, and they’re also good for your mind. Bring some plants indoors, whether it’s an herb garden in your kitchen windowsill, fresh-cut flowers in a vase, or leafy plants in your living room. Finally, make sure you fill your space with furniture you like and makes you feel at home.

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