Home Improvement Guide to Cool Indoor Plants

Home design usually means finding the right furniture and décor, but 2018 house trends are bringing a bit of the outdoors inside by incorporating greenery into the overall look. Cool indoor plants add elements other design pieces can’t offer: a fun and funky look, special benefits like air purification, and the satisfaction of knowing that you’re caring for a living thing. As you’re styling your home, add some of these cool indoor plants to the mix.

Staghorn Fern

The houseplants of today are a little more varied than the potted varieties of the past. Take the Staghorn Fern. If you’re looking to fill some wall space or want to create a focal point for your room’s design, this plant fits the bill. All the leaves hang on one side, making it a good option for a hanging basket or a wall mount. The plant needs ample air circulation, some direct sunlight, and regular watering in the summer.

Peace Lily

If you want a plant that looks good and is one of the top providers of air purification, then look no further than the Peace Lily. This tropical plant is also very easy to care for. If it needs water, it sags a little, eliminating much of the guesswork that comes with deciding how frequently to water your plants.

String of Pearls

Another hanging variety, the String of Pearls lives up to its name, with creeping foliage resembling the pearls of a necklace. If you’re worried about the care and upkeep of a plant or don’t have a green thumb, then this plant is for you. It requires little watering and only occasional pruning in order to flourish. Its low-maintenance style and lush look make it a favorite for houseplant lovers.

Crispy Wave

Pet friendly, air purifying, and funky looking, the Crispy Wave is an all-around standout. It only needs water one to two times per week and doesn’t have to go by a window, as it grows best in indirect light. It’s also bursting with growth potential. Given enough time and adequate space, you could end up with a very large plant or bush, providing super air purification and a standout look that really makes your living space pop.

Air Plants

Some indoor plants are so cool they don’t even need dirt or soil. Air plants bypass these traditional growing mediums and instead grow with good air circulation and regular watering. There are more than 650 types of air plants in a variety of sizes, looks, and colors. The plants are versatile and cling to nearby objects, so place them on a shelf, in a basket, or even paired with a companion plant.

Cool indoor plants add another dimension to your home décor and even clean the air you breathe. Once you’ve found a home for your new greenery, fully embrace 2018 house trends and visit CORT Furniture Rental to give your space a furniture refresh.

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