Spruce Up Your Bathroom with Shower Plants

Some are prescribing to the design trend friluftsliv as a way to bring more of the outdoors inside. The goal of this Norwegian concept is to live a content and happy life by connecting with the world outside and appreciating the beauty in nature around you. But for those of us who can’t make it regularly to the great outdoors, there’s still hope. Here are a few tips on how to make one of the most overlooked spaces in the home – the bathroom – a little bit greener.

Shower Plants

First, you don’t need a green thumb to grow houseplants — you just need a bathroom. Houseplants aren’t just making a comeback on kitchen windowsills and in front of sunny bay windows. Shower plants are the hot new thing, and they’re a surprisingly practical way to add some plant life to your home, regardless of your gardening skill level. All you need is a bathroom with a little light to make certain houseplants thrive.

Which Plants?

Your bathroom has something advantageous going for it when it comes to indoor gardening. Many types of plants thrive in the humid environment created by a running shower, but certain varieties are better suited to the “climate.” Additionally, the amount of light coming into your bathroom plays a role in what grows best.

If you have a large window in your bathroom and typically get enough sunlight during the day to not need artificial light, opt for plant varieties that need medium to high levels of sun, such as orchids, some varieties of ferns (including the popular asparagus fern), and azaleas. For bathrooms with small windows and minimal natural light, choose low-light varieties like snake plants, aloe vera, lucky bamboo, and spider plants.

As an added bonus, most tropical plants — the kind that typically turn brown almost immediately on your kitchen windowsill — flourish in the bathroom. The natural environment for tropical plants like the orchid is hot and steamy, so frequent hot showers actually ensure this type of plant always looks lively.

Adding Style with Plants

Plants look amazing in the shower. Try hanging baskets of ferns from the ceiling for a jungle-like atmosphere. If you’re into the spa look, a few small air plants or bamboo hung from the shower curtain add a touch of green. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try converting your shower caddy into a home for an orchid or lucky bamboo. These types of plants survive happily in moss, so you won’t need to use messy potting soil that could end up in your shower.

Outside the shower, most plants grow well in pots. Just be sure to place the pot where it won’t get bumped. Feet in the bathroom are typically bare — and susceptible to cuts — and you don’t want to clean up wet potting soil from the bathroom tile.

If you’re going for the relaxing, spa experience look, a few pieces of strategically placed furniture can make a great home for plants in the bathroom. Try placing a nest of bamboo, air ferns, and air plants on an open-faced shelf, or go big with a curio cabinet topped with some hanging vines. To really round things out, match your furniture style to the plants to create a balanced, complementary look.

Taking Care of Shower Plants

Thanks to all the moisture in the air in this small space, your plants won’t need too much hands-on maintenance, but that doesn’t mean you can plant them and forget them. Use fertilizer designed for the specific variety of plant. Most are either placed in the soil every few months or sprayed weekly to help your plant grow. And don’t forget to water. While a few occasional spritzes might be enough for water intolerant plants like aloe vera or orchids, ferns and many other plants need more than an occasional splash and moist air.

Now that you’ve graduated into green thumb status, round out your bathroom with small pieces of furniture and accessories. Trying out different looks with CORT Furniture Rental can help you create a space that is truly your own oasis.