6 Tips for Making a Military PCS Move Easier

For many people in the military, relocating is a way of life. While a government move can be less stressful than a do-it-yourself move, there are still plenty of things to worry about. When planning your permanent change of station (PCS) move, ensure a smooth transition with these six tips.

1. Make Lists

The road to a stress-free move starts with making lists. Use a small notebook to jot down . List-making helps ensure everything gets done in a calm and orderly way.

2. Do Your Research

A smooth transition is important, especially if you have a family. Well in advance of moving day, research your new locale. Check out schools and childcare facilities in the area, as well as doctors, dentists, and the locations of local grocery stores and hospitals. To make your move even more comfortable, find the best veterinarians, mechanics, and hair salons in your new community.

3. Take Inventory

Moving a lot of stuff can make relocating more stressful, and exceeding your government weight allowance means paying extra from your own pocket. Be proactive by taking inventory of all your belongings. Avoid moving things you don’t want or need by having a yard sale or donating items to charity. Because professional belongings (a.k.a. Pro-Gear) don’t count as part of your weight allowance, make sure to separate them from your personal possessions.

4. Protect Valued Belongings

When moving, there are a few ways to protect valued belongings. Document the existence and condition of all items with photographs or video, and carry some valuables with you like expensive jewelry, medicines, and important documents. As long as you’re not moving overseas, you may want to transport even more treasures yourself like family photos and small mementos.

5. Ready Your Car or Truck

When it’s time to move, many people overlook their car or truck. Make sure you take care of any recalls on your vehicle or other necessary repairs. This way, you can get to your new home safely if relocating in country and pass inspection at the vehicle processing center when moving overseas.

6. Know Your Rights

When you’re relying on the government to move your belongings, make sure to become familiar with the Customer Bill of Rights from the Department of Defense Personal Property Program. For instance, you may not know that it is your right to have movers unpack and assemble your items rather than merely deliver them. Also, you can ask movers to take away all unpacked boxes and

Whether it’s your first military relocation or your tenth, a PCS move always comes with some apprehension. Keep anxiety at bay with these handy tips, and for a quick home sale, stage your abode with stylish pieces from CORT Furniture Rental.

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