Under Contract: Why You Should Choose Furniture Rental for Staging a Home for Sale

If your family has to move frequently — whether due to a job promotion or a new military posting — that can often mean having to sell a home while you’re in the process of trying to buy a new house and relocate your entire family. One way to make selling your existing home easier and to cut down on the overall stress of moving is to use rental furniture to stage your home.

Staging a home is all about showcasing the property in a way that makes it most appealing and allows potential buyers to see how the space could fit their needs. Unlike decorating a home, staging is about attracting possible owners, not about satisfying your own tastes and interests.

When staging a home, you’ll clear out the clutter and “depersonalize” your home, creating a neutral environment that makes it easier for buyers to see themselves living there. It’s also important that furniture is arranged in a way that emphasizes the homes features and focal points rather than being arranged for day-to-day living. Staged rooms should maximize the space and can also use lighting to make it appear more inviting.

Using Furniture Rental for Staging Your Space

Choosing furniture rental for staging your space is increasingly popular. It allows you to move out and move into your new home, but offer an appealing, furnished home for potential buyers to look at. Studies have shown that properties with staged furniture sell much faster and bring a higher sale price than homes that are shown empty.

In fact, staged homes spend an average of 73% less time on the market and studies show that buyers will spend as much as 5% more on a staged home than they will on a home that’s not staged.

While rooms might look much larger when they’re empty, it can be difficult for potential buyers to visualize their belongings in that space. Furniture helps offer perspective and encourages them to see their own belongings filling that space.

And, since most buyers begin their search online, it’s easier to attract people to attend a showing when they can see clean, furnished rooms. They also can make your home appear more well-maintained than if it is shown empty and help your property stand out in buyers’ minds.

Different Types of Staging

Of course, you want to be able to stage your home without breaking your budget, which is why cheap furniture rental options make sense. A furniture rental company like CORT will not only deliver the furniture when you need it, but also will pick it up and return it to their warehouse once your home has sold.

Another thing to consider is whether you want to stage the entire home or do what is called targeted staging, where you select specific rooms to stage and go for the greatest impact in those rooms.

Full-service staging involves renting enough furniture to give the entire home a specific look; it will have the appeal of a model home and is a good way to show uses for each room as well as giving interested buyers a better idea of the size and scale of each room.

CORT Furniture Rental’s wide variety of inventory means that you can give your home whatever look you’re going for. From the latest in interior design trends to something more traditional, CORT offers everything from entire collections for your dining, living and bedroom to pieces of art and accessory items. Find out how CORT can help you stage your home to help sell it faster.

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