Military Christmas: How to Celebrate When Your Spouse Is Deployed

The holidays aren’t always completely joyful if your spouse is on deployment. Because living away from family is difficult at any time — and even more so during a holiday like Christmas — you may have to be more thoughtful about getting out and doing your best to make this time of year special. With a little effort, it’s possible to celebrate, even if your spouse is deployed. Try some of these tips to make your military Christmas as festive as possible.

Spend Christmas Day with Other Military Spouses Who Are Alone

There’s no one who can replace your spouse, but you can find comfort in others who are going through the same thing. Plan a Christmas Day potluck with other military spouses, or make an effort to get together for a different celebratory event. Although it isn’t the same as spending the day with your spouse, it does help to avoid being by yourself on the holiday.

Volunteer to Help Others

It always feels good to help others. Because your spouse won’t be able to celebrate with you, take the opportunity to give a bit of holiday cheer to those who need it. Check with local churches or charitable organizations that may need volunteers to help with holiday activities, such as dinners and toy drives. You can also look into visiting the elderly in a nursing home or taking gifts to children in the hospital.

Attend Parties and Special Events

When you’re spending the holidays alone, it can be tempting to stay in isolation, but this is a time when it’s even more important to seek out well-meaning friends. If you’re invited to a Christmas party, tree lighting, or other seasonal activity, don’t avoid going. Commit to attend for just an hour or two, and you may find that the time spent socializing with friends and family has made you feel a little better.

Open Gifts Over Video Chat

If you’re able to video chat, plan time to open gifts together. Even though you can’t spend the holidays together in person, sharing this holiday moment helps you feel connected, even when you’re thousands of miles apart. If you don’t have time to open gifts, connecting over video gives you a few minutes to share the day with your loved one.

Embrace Decorating

Putting up the Christmas tree might be the last thing you want to do, but it’s important that you continue the holiday spirit when your spouse is absent. If you have children, this is especially true. Doing what you’d normally do if your spouse was home, such as decorating, helps kids feel at home and more eager for the holiday, despite their parent’s absence.

Decorations aren’t the only way to make your house feel special at Christmas. The right furniture also adds a feeling of comfort during the season. If you’re a military spouse, then CORT Furniture Rental has all the furnishings you need to make your house feel more like a home.

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