How to Re-accessorize Your Home for a Spring Spruce Up

It may not seem like it in most parts of the country right now, but spring is just a few weeks away. While you are cooped up inside waiting for the temperature to rise, look for areas where you can add accessories to breathe new life into your home. Accents such as faux trees and plants, mirrors, area rugs, lamps, and artwork can take any space from drab to fab without spending a fortune.

Look for Nooks

Look around your home for bare nooks. These little gems are the perfect spot to place a tall tree or medium-size plant such as a ficus tree or palm tree. Adding greenery will fill the space nicely and add some lush texture to your room design without overwhelming the space.

Update Your Color Palette

The color trends this spring are a combination of black and white, with icy pastels and hints of pink getting into the mix. Make a bold statement in your living space by anchoring the room with a black and white area rug. Add soft pastel colored pillows to a neutral sofa to add contrast to the space and freshen up your color palette for spring.

Adorn the Walls

Artwork often serves as the springboard for an interior design plan in any room of the home or office, so be strategic in selecting a piece as a focal point in your space. Choose colors found in spring fashions and then pull the core colors out and spread throughout your design such as through coffee table accessories, lamps or throw pillows.

Create Space With Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to open up a space and give the appearance that you have more square footage than you actually do. Place a large mirror in a small room to create the illusion of depth or across from a bay of windows to reflect light and nature. Mirrors should be hung in a spot that will highlight something you enjoy looking at like a painting or a crystal chandelier.

Switching up just a few accent pieces in a room can easily make you fall in love with your home again or make going to the office a little more exciting. For more ideas on how freshening your design style can transform your home or office, check out CORT Furniture Rental.