Three Unique Ways to Decorate Your Apartment Balcony

Did you know that most tenants don’t use their balcony space? If you’re dreaming of putting your apartment balcony to use, check out these three creative themes to bring your space to life. All you need is a few key furniture pieces and decor additions to turn your patio into an oasis.

A Garden-Inspired Patio

Are you interested in giving gardening a try? Even if you live in an apartment complex, these aspirations are entirely possible. You don’t need a backyard to gain a green thumb; in fact, many plants require minimal space and upkeep to thrive.

Give your patio a garden-inspired twist by filling it with an assortment of big and small apartment balcony plants. If you want to take a practical route, you can choose fruit and veggie plants and grow your produce right at home! Or, if aesthetics are what you’re after — and not the actual gardening — consider incorporating a garden of artificial plants. Even a faux plant wall can make your secret garden dreams come true!

Either way, you win — having plants at home offers many therapeutic benefits, including boosting your immune system, improving focus and concentration, and lowering your stress levels.

A European Balcony

If you like the idea of traveling without lofty expenses and time away from home, we have a solution for you. Bring summer vacation back home by giving your balcony a European-inspired makeover!

Overseas is the perfect place to look for balcony inspiration. Europeans are known for fully utilizing their patio space in creative and functional ways! Just take a quick scroll on Pinterest, and you’ll see what we mean. In Europe, many see balconies as an extension of the home, so it’s not unusual to find indoor furnishings — like accent chairs or two-person dining sets — on balconies and patios.

The addition of greenery, colorful seating, or even a breakfast nook can turn your unused outdoor space into your favorite place. It’s all about infusing elegance into every area of your home!

A Paradise for Your Pet

No matter what species your pet is, they probably like to take all the outdoor time they can get. That’s why your patio area presents the perfect opportunity to spoil them!

It doesn’t take much to build a pet paradise. All you’ll need is a shady corner, a comfy bed or crash pad, a water dish, and maybe a toy or two. Then add animal-friendly patio seating for yourself — try to avoid any upholstery as it can be a magnet for pet hair. These elements combined with fresh air and sunlight will make your dog or cat happy-as-can-be!

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