Favorite Family Recipes Can Quell Homesickness

Favorite Family RecipesYoung adults going off to college for the first time are often excited about starting the next chapter of their life. However, once the boxes are unpacked and the pictures are hung on the wall, homesickness can settle in and have you missing many of your favorite things from home, especially home-cooked meals.

College living doesn’t mean you have to give up the comforts of home. Before loading up the car and driving off to your new life on campus, make sure to get your favorite recipes from mom or dad. And there’s no need to raid their kitchen cabinets to swipe a couple of pots and pans, because CORT offers a rich selection of kitchen gadgets and necessities for rent so that you can completely outfit your campus apartment for all of your cooking and entertaining needs. From the bare essentials like utensils, cups and plates, to food processors and blenders for those healthy smoothies or more sinful milkshakes, CORT has all you need to outfit your kitchen quickly and easily!

Consider hosting a recipe swap potluck dinner to get know your fellow classmates. Invite each new friend to bring their favorite dish from home, so you can each build your culinary arsenal for future meals and entertaining.

College living doesn’t have to be about hotplates and PB&J sandwiches. With CORT’s Housewares Essentials, your kitchen can be fully equipped and ready to use from the moment you start unpacking.