Design Inspiration with Holiday Flair Throughout the Year

Updating your home with holiday-themed décor throughout the year is often simpler than you think. By choosing a neutral base such as beige, khaki or rain-cloud gray, you can easily introduce color and interchange accessories to make any neutral room stand out and look perfect for your favorite holiday. Whether you’re decorating your bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen or office space, here are some inspirational ideas on how to simplify décor year-round:

Add Seasonal Color

Add color throughout your home that represents each holiday. Think warm pastel shades like green, yellow and baby blue for spring. For summer, choose bold, vibrant colors like patriotic reds, whites and blues, or candy apple red. For fall, you can introduce rusty tones of orange, reds and browns. Winter is the perfect time to add sparkle to your home with a spritz of gold or silver to bring your festive theme to life.

Wall Hangings

Easily update your wall décor depending on the holiday, and be sure to store off-season pieces in a convenient place so you can locate them when needed.


Display your favorite throws in color tones and textures that match each season. For example, lightweight linens for summer, seasonal woolen plaid for fall, or cozy faux fur or cable knit textures for winter.

Seasonal Pillows

Pick a convenient place in your home to store your seasonal pillow covers and change them out with each holiday! Nestling seasonal pillows into your decor gives your furniture a continuous and fresh look.


The more years spent in a home, the greater one’s collection of unique holiday accessories will be. Pull out your favorite holiday accessories and show them off for each occasion! Here’s a handy checklist to get you started:


If you’re a fan of scented candles, use them safely in any room for a sweet-smelling treat. DIY candle displays are fun and gratifying to make, and can often be repurposed from one holiday to the next.

Table Runners

Offer a subtle way of introducing a holiday theme throughout. Use them on your kitchen, dining room or welcome table.

Welcome Mats

Build up a selection of indoor and outdoor welcome mats to wow your house guests!


Choose your favorite holiday napkins and match them up with your color scheme for an easy, yet effective, way to celebrate every holiday.


Holiday or seasonal-themed aprons can add a nice touch to anyone’s kitchen, whether you’re a master chef or take-out genius.

Hand Towels

Holiday and seasonal-themed hand towels are a great visual around the kitchen, dining area or guest bathroom. Towels can be folded, hung or placed in decorative baskets.


These days you can easily grab a hand soap to match every holiday out there!

Area Rugs

For immediate visual impact, offset a room’s neutral tones with a splash of color using large or small area rugs, depending on the size of the space.

Add Seasonal Elements

This is one of the easiest ways to add a little holiday flair to your home, and it won’t break the bank either.

Decorative Mini Displays

For Valentine’s Day, place some pretty pink bowls of heart-shaped candies on your hallway welcome table. Easily switch out bowls for baskets or bird’s nests at Easter time, and have fun filling them with decorative eggs. Other examples include decorative bowls filled with sea shells for summer and creative pumpkin displays for Halloween time.

Decorative Plates

Displaying holiday-themed plates or chinaware in your favorite seasonal colors is a subtle way of adding holiday flair to your kitchen.

Holiday Wreaths

Nothing says welcome like a gorgeous holiday wreath on your front door. For winter months, opt for white, silver or gold balls, bells or snowflakes. For spring think mossy and twiggy. For fall, pumpkins and pine cones work great. Rich greenery also works great for this time of year leading into the holidays. You can have a lot of fun updating and interchanging your wreaths for the holidays to celebrate special occasions like Saint Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving.

The key with holiday decorating is to have fun and make each room your own. Also, don’t forget it can be helpful to organize and store seasonal/ holiday décor somewhere convenient to make for a smoother transition between updates. Good luck and have fun!

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