Casual Spaces Result in More Family Time

cort furnitureSpending time with family doesn’t have to be just during the holiday season.  Homes today are multi-functional and are designed to provide a less fussy, more relaxed lifestyle so families can all be in the same space doing different activities.  For example, while Mom is in the kitchen fixing dinner, Dad can be sitting at the table reading the newspaper and the kids in the living room playing video games on the big screen TV.

Just like the casual, functional layout of our homes, furnishings also need to appeal to today’s busy, co-mingled lifestyles.  You’ll find multi-functional storage pieces such as ottomans that can hide toys and books but also serve as cocktail tables during your kid-free dinner parties.  When it comes to fabric selections for your space, it is all about coordinating rather than matching upholstery pieces.  Busy families also need to consider easy care microfiber fabrics that will endure the wear and tear from kids, but also provides a comfortable seating environment.  Gone are the days of having a more formal living room.  It is all about the casual, comfortable family spaces.  But don’t let the word “casual” make you think “sloppy.”  Casual in today’s design means “lived in” but appears coordinated and appealing.

cort furniture

The casual, relaxed look and feel continues through the living space with a more neutral color palette.  Neutral tones are being used in area rugs, paint and on major furniture pieces such as the sofa. Splashes of drama and color are added through accent pieces, artwork and throw pillows.

Want to make your living space feel more relaxed and laid back without getting overwhelmed or breaking the bank? Start small by simply changing the paint color or adding some storage pieces to a room.  Create a space you can live in, not one where you are afraid to put your feet up.