Bachelor Pad Essentials for Downtown Living

Your place should always express your style. However, if your place comes across as more “youth hostel” than “home sweet home,” these bachelor pad essentials can help you achieve a remarkable — and remarkably affordable — transformation.

1. Own Quality Furniture

Are you still rocking that dorm room furniture from your college days? It’s time to upgrade to some quality furniture! Luckily finding quality furnishings can be both easy and affordable. The key is to consider renting the bigger furniture pieces — like couches, a dining room table, recliners, etc. Doing so saves you money upfront and hassles down the road when it comes time to move.

Renting furniture packages with living room, bedroom, and dining room sets (depending on the package) alleviates a great deal of pressure from the sometimes aggravating furniture shopping experience.

Renting furniture also eliminates one of the biggest headaches of downtown living — having to haul all of that furniture with you when you move out. After all, one of the advantages of living alone is deciding exactly when it’s time to move on to a new adventure.

2. Utilize Ready-to-Assemble Furniture

Flat-pack items, also known as ready-to-assemble furniture, are a convenient and sometimes more affordable way to furnish your apartment. While they may not be as sturdy as solid wood-constructed furniture pieces, what they can offer, though, is solid cost-savings on smaller furniture items. Consider flat-pack items on things like small tables, shelving, and smaller bedroom dressers.

3. Get The Right Lighting

You won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of a great-looking bachelor pad living room if you can’t see it. However, spending more than you need on lighting fixtures kind of negates the “affordable” solution. For help, take advantage of the many room lighting calculators online. Knowing precisely what you need can mean the difference between small spaces that are comforting and ones that feel cold and sterile.

4. Upgrade Your Sleep Space

The average person is asleep for about a third of their life. Fortunately, you’re in control of your bachelor pad bedroom and can make that time as reinvigorating as possible. The right furniture outlet can help you elevate your bedroom from just a place to sleep to a sleep sanctuary. Keep these things in mind when selecting bedroom furniture:

  • Kick the home theater out. Sleep experts caution people to avoid having a television in the bedroom since it can interrupt your natural sleep pattern and negatively impact your sleep quality. A bonus? You just saved money on a second TV for that area.
  • Taking work into the bedroom is also considered a no-no. If you absolutely must have a desk in your bedroom, set it apart with a screen or curtain.

The Essential Upgrade

Ready to upgrade your bachelor pad without having to pick out — or move in — furniture yourself? Check out CORT’s Move-In Ready packages for stylish furniture sets that will help turn your space from dorm room to trendy bachelor pad.