Top Advantages of Living Alone

Living alone doesn’t mean feeling lonely. Although some scientific research suggests negative effects due to minimal social contact, an article in “Psychology Today” debunks that living alone is directly related to loneliness. Research suggests that most people who live alone are even more connected with others than people who don’t live alone. Additionally, it suggests that many who choose to fly solo aren’t physically isolated. In fact, many may go out of their way to be more inclusive because of the solitude they enjoy at home, giving them an edge when it comes to fostering meaningful relationships.

Do you prefer the peace and quiet of solitude at home? You aren’t alone. In fact, roughly one out of 10 people across America choose to live alone. Here are some reasons why.

Develop Confidence

Having people around you every day definitely shapes you, but when you live alone, you’re the only one steering the ship. That opportunity to be the boss in your own life without seeking approval and support helps build your confidence and foster your independence in a way that few other experiences can.

Enjoy the Silence

Work at home, read the newspaper, or curl up with a good book. When you live alone, you have all the peace and quiet you crave during your downtime or while you work. For freelancers and remote workers, that can be a huge plus, and it’s a valued pleasure for many people who crave a little quiet after a loud and boisterous day.

Embrace Your Social Side

Solitude at home helps recharge you for adventures ahead. Odds are pretty great that after spending time on your own, you will be even more motivated to get together with your friends, family, and neighbors. The freedom of living alone also increases the chance that you will proactively pinpoint the people you want to spend more time getting to know.

You Are King (or Queen) of the Castle

With no roommates, your space is truly your own. Be as clean or messy as you like without having to deal with anyone adding dishes to the pile, or folding towels the “wrong” way. Watch what you want, when you want. Walk around in your pajamas all day. No one is there to criticize you or cramp your style.

Free to Decorate

Speaking of being the head of the household, not only can you enjoy your space however you want, you can also decorate and design it as you wish without having anyone else’s opinions muddying the waters. Pick out that mid-century couch you’ve been eyeing, for example. Whether you want simple bachelor pad furniture or luxurious furnishings, you’re in charge.

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