Blow Them Away This July 4th: Tips for Outdoor Event Planning

watermelon, raspberries and blueberries on a table with a sparklerOutdoor events are one of the great joys of summer. The memories created at a well-planned outdoor event can last a lifetime. With Independence Day on the horizon, we’d like to offer a few planning tips for your next outdoor event.

Tip #1: Remember to keep your guests cool in the summer heat.

If shade is an option, placing some seating in shaded areas can give your guests a break from the direct sunlight. Ice buckets filled with bottled water placed generously around the seating area can enhance the décor while keeping your guests comfortable. LED lighting from our Luna Lighting collection creates a remarkable ambiance and does not produce additional heat. This July 4th, adorn your outdoor space with LED lights in red, white and blue. Or mix and match from any of our stunning collections.

Tip # 2: Wind can be a welcome or unwelcome guest at any outdoor party.

If your event venue is typically windy, consider accessories that will help keep things stationary. On the other hand, in venues that have little to no breeze, you may want to add a few well-placed fans.

Tip #3: When placing furniture, consider how you want your guests to interact.

At CORT Events, we know you can meet virtually any seating challenge with furniture rental. For example, bar tables and chairs can encourage mingling, while the small seating areas provide a space for more intimate conversation. Or facilitate whole group conversations by creating larger seating areas with our Endless collection. Plan your seating to complement your food and beverage service. If cocktails and small appetizers are the fare, smaller tables suffice. But larger tables may be needed if the food selection is more extensive. Space between seating areas can also impact how quickly servers move among your guests.

Tip #4: Plan ahead for those tiny party crashers.

No one likes to think about pests, but planning ahead for pests can make all the difference in your guests’ experience. Exterminating ahead of time is the best option, as time is often needed between extermination and food service. In some cities, green extermination services provide a non-toxic alternative to pest control.

Tip#5: Use CORT Event Furnishings as an event-planning resource.

Our interactive space-planning tool can help you plan your seating. Put your creativity to work within specific parameters to design a thorough and exciting plan that will dazzle your clients and give you peace of mind. Need inspiration for planning your July 4th décor? Visit our event portfolio and see a fabulous collection of photos showing a wide variety of unique and memorable event settings. Or, if you need assistance, contact one of our representatives. We are available to answer any of your questions.

Above all, have a fun and safe holiday this July 4th!