Tips For Decorating Your First College Apartment

cort student lifeYou’re finally ready to move out of the dorms and into your first college apartment. Congratulations! This is an exciting moment in your life that you’re sure to look back on fondly.  You’ll never forget this first apartment, so make sure it’s perfect for you.

No Space, No Problem
Student apartments are notoriously small. If you find yourself with little living space, don’t fret. There are things that you can do to make your space seem larger than it actually is.  Avoid overstuffed sofas and other large pieces of furniture that dominate the space. Opt instead for something sleek like an armless sofa.  Choosing pieces that serve double duty – like a storage ottoman or a bench that can be used for either seating or table space – is another trick to maximizing small square footage.

You’ll find more great examples of how to decorate your small space in our CORT at College Pinterest board.

Color Your World
What many new apartment renters don’t realize is that color is a good thing. Your color scheme expresses who you are and shows your personality to everyone who enters your door.  Whether you enjoy a bright and bold palette or the peaceful serenity of earth tones, you should pick a color scheme that represents who you are.

DIY Projects Are Your Friend
Make your apartment your own. You’ll want to add some fun personal touches that only you can bring to your new home.  On Pinterest we have compiled some of our favorite DIY decorating ideas that you are sure to love! But don’t stop there. Local crafting stores, meetups, and even libraries offer classes that teach you how to make unique items for your apartment.

The experience of decorating and furnishing your first college apartment is one you will never forget. Share your apartment decorating tips with us on Facebook or Twitter!