Student Life: Organizing with Bookshelves

student studying in front of bookshelfFunctional furnishings are key when it comes to designing small spaces, particularly a student apartment or dorm room. Adding multi-functioning pieces like bookshelves can create interest, while providing an option for cleaning up the endless clutter caused by textbooks and papers.

Beyond functionality, bookshelves can serve as a way to showcase a bit of your personality, interests and style by displaying your favorite photos and memorable collectibles. CORT’s merchandising group offers easy-to-implement tips on how to stage this key piece of furniture in your student living décor:  

Break Up the Rhythm

When adding books, organize them by subject and size first. Place some vertically on the shelves and some horizontally to avoid creating a monotonous look.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Spice things up by adding pops of color to your bookshelf décor. For example, consider painting the backs of the shelves or covering them with textured wallpaper in vibrant, trendy colors like coral or purple to enhance the objects displayed on the shelves.

Fill Up the Spaces

Once the books are strategically placed on the shelves, fill up the negative space with your favorite photos, faux plants and decorative boxes.   Using accent pieces will not only create interest, but they will also allow for added storage space for any odds and ends you have lying around.

For students, bookshelves can also be the perfect place for a small printer and other workplace items that would otherwise take up too much space on your desk.

Keep it Organized

As a student, life can get hectic and disorder may quickly ensue. Using bookends and keeping your schoolwork sorted will help keep everything in place .